Bursting out of Spain with a filthy, groovy and energising brand of blues rock melded with just a touch of stoner psychedelia, Green Desert Water are blazing a new trail in an otherwise antique genre. It has been a long 6 years since the three-piece  dropped their 2012 self-titled EP, and since then they have been quietly garnering interest and a keen fan-base in their home country. Now in 2018, Green Desert Water are ready to bring another 6 tracks to the table, this time in the form of a limited vinyl LP that is also available long-term on CD and digital download. Named “Solar Plexus”, and with only one track being less than 6 minutes, this EP is a confident step into a heavier, grimier territory. Distinctive lead guitar breaks and classic-rock vocals courtesy of Kike Sanchís, grungy and fuzzy basslines by Juan Arias García and Javi González’s tricky and energetic drumming combine in the best way possible. Green Desert Water are bringing back the classic blues-rock sound of the 70’s and 80’s, coupled with a heavy and more modernistic feeling that every classic rock audiophile is secretly thirsty for. Green Desert Water’s “Solar Plexus” was interestingly mastered by Kike Sanchís himself at his own Green Desert Mastering. Out on April 27th, this short but sweet LP is worth keeping an eye out for!

Beginning the journey is “Open Your Wings”, giving listeners an immediate taste of what this album is all about. Featuring tribal drumming and loose blues lead guitar noodling and low simplistic bass to fill out their sound; this song brings more of a classic-rock feel before delving into more simplistic but heavy riffs made melodic by Kike’s powerful voice.
The guitar solos in “Open Your Wings” are full of vibrato and two-string bends that serve as a reminder that while this song has a heavy classic 80’s rock vibe, the blues is where Green Desert Water’s  soul lies.

Kike delivers a low-end riff for “Chaman” that packs plenty of power when filled out by Juan and Javi on bass and drums. The riffing in this song is truly impressive; each riff sounding like Kike is sliding around his fretboard with the ease of a true blues guitarist. Javi’s snare-heavy drumming really shines though in this song, lending even more energy and complexity to Kike’s guitar. “Chaman” is full of interesting hooks, off-the-wall instrumental interludes and wide-ranging musical prowess shown by all three members.

“The Deepest Sea” is Juan’s time shine, with his low and dirty bass introducing this fast and heavy track. Kike’s vocals never seem to stretch too far out of his comfort zone, but in this song he experiments with a higher pitch during parts of the song to great effect. This song is a wonderful culmination of hard rock and cool blues, managing to cram a whole lot of aggression into just under 5 minutes for this song.

Track 4, “Souls of the Woodland”, brings a more chilled out vibe without sacrificing the blistering blues solos and grimy underground sound that makes them so unique and catchy. Despite the slightly slower pace in comparison to “The Deepest Sea”, “Souls of the Woodland” still delivers weighty riffs and crashing drums, made grungy by the distorted bass thanks to Juan’s understated but audible abilities.

“Mother Moon” is heavy on the lead guitar riffing and noodling, contrasting minimalistic intervals of vocals and drums with abrupt and intense riffs and solid bass and more complex drumming, giving the track plenty of interest and originality. 

Doubling as both the title track and the final song on the album, “Solar Plexus” is the perfect conclusion to a brilliant LP. Kike’s vocals take centre stage with a balance of power and low crooning while his guitar prowess takes a back seat for a while before bringing it back with a riff that rocks and rolls up and down the neck of his guitar. “Solar Plexus” is a prime example of all three members of Green Desert Water giving it their absolute all to close the album with a bang. 

After listening all the way through, I can happily say that I am thoroughly impressed by the sheer talent and technicality of sound that has been injected into “Solar Plexus”. Green Desert Water have taken their sound a step further by turning up the volume and exploring a heavier approach to each track, enabling the band to really show us what they’re made of. I feel inspired to give them a solid rating of 81/100, as I thoroughly enjoyed listening through “Solar Plexus” and I will definitely listen again. Out on April 27th through Small Stone Records; be sure to pick up your own copy to experience the rock-hard punch to your “Solar Plexus” for yourself! You can pre-order a copy of the album here!