Ya know, I am almost convinced that every day in Sweden is Halloween, thanks to bands like the always dark, and super “Satanic” Ghost, and now Sweden decides to give us their answer to The Misfits; The Dahmers. Bringing equal parts of The Ramones, with their almost surf rock guitar riffs, equal parts of The Misfits, being the always tongue in cheek lyrics, and what you end up with is pretty much what Sweden has given us. 

Kicking things off is the title track, “Creepiest Creep”, and at an epic length of 3:36, it is by far the longest track on the E.P.. This song brings on some major 60s Surf Rock vibes that are reminiscent of some of The Ramones more fast paced songs, but definitely gives that more frantic, Horror Punk vibe. My main gripe with this song, as with the others, is the layered vocals, as they can make it a bit difficult to understand what, exactly, is being said. The main takeaway from this one, is the guitar solo that matches the main riff pretty well, while not just being the same thing played in a higher register.

On the opposite end of the length spectrum is our next track, “Reoccurring Dreams.” At just 1:25 seconds, it is by far the shortest song offered to us. This song perfectly captures the punk sound in all of it’s angsty, rebellious glory. The guitars are playing lighting fast chords that would make even Johnny Ramone envious. Speaking of guitar work, the last 20 seconds of this song features an intense, blistering solo, that would make Kirk Hammett wish he was 30 years younger again. 

“Without A Face” is up next, and brings back the surf rock, and almost pop punk like vibes. Once again, the vocals become an issue here. There’s so much going on with the vocals, it really makes it rather difficult to understand anything other than the repeating words of, “Man without a face,” which admittedly, are repeated throughout quite often. Hey, this is punk right? Who needs complex lyrics anyway. 

Finally, to bring us to a close, we have “Kiss of Dario.” If I could understand the lyrics here, I’d have a better idea of what’s going on. However, since I don’t, I’m just going to go with the horror theme, and assume this song has something to do with Italian horror mastermind, Dario Argento. Had I been producing this album, I really would have ended the album with “Reoccurring Dreams,” rather than this, as I feel the ending solo in that song would have made a bigger impact had it been the last thing the listener hears. “Kiss of Dario” is really just more of the same, and doesn’t do anything that the first 3 tracks hadn’t already done. 

With four tracks, clocking in at right around 10 minutes, this took several listens to really be able to take everything in, as it seems like you could very well miss the entire thing if you so much as sneezed wrong. I feel this will definitely appeal to fans of the band, and maybe some fans of older punk bands, like The Ramones, or even the Sex Pistols, there’s just not enough content here to really grab an unknown persons attention. 


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