Spare a moment to read on and picture this, whilst listening to this new gem. The bar doors have blown wide open on a late night reeking of cigarettes, beer and whisky and Bulletboys have returned to bring the house down. ‘From Out of the Skies’ seems nothing short of a triumphant return to solid rock n roll form with the raucous opener Apocalypto slaying  and spraying the walls with a fresh coat of rock angst, before the latest single, D-Evil just kicks it from high gear to the stratosphere. Sure to be a favourite for any diehard fan, so let this be notice from the get go boys and girls. Marq Torien delivers the kind of vocalistic snarl that personifies what rock should be and brings the vibe on the title track with the band intravenously pumping the blood through the veins to keep those fists pumped up high.

Bringing things down a notch with the California feel of Hi-Fi Drive By this track will stick out as a cool feel-good sing along or just a great song to feel good and escape reality to. With sentimental lyrics like “I’m another innocent inmate doing time” sung from Torien with a poets charm, it’s a solid track. However, the melancholy tone and warmth of Losing End Again smoothly carries with a nod and a transient feel that one can connect to from all walks of life in some shape or form, taking this album exactly where it needs to go, as these rockers know how to do only too well.

The epic build of What Cha Don’t brings us back to that rock n roll heaven of hair raising fun that one might consider a key moment for the pit to fully come to life. Wear a helmet for protection, cause this track may induce a ton of fun and get heads bopping like crazy. The curve ball strikes hard on P.R.A.B. with a sly electronic intro that opens a can of worms, grooving rhythmically with beats and vibe that make this a standout moment that will leave one voraciously craving much more. Quite possibly one of the coolest tracks to be heard this year with some nice nods to the funky influences of great days gone by.

Sucker Punch brings the kind of smooth Cali groove that just keeps this album so far away from disappointment with such a great chorus and harmonious feel that shows that the LA Rock Royalty are not going anywhere, cause they are having a blast and everyone’s invited to the party. The acoustic tenderness of Switchblade Butterfly delivers more great memorable lyrics and sombre feeling that really hits home, especially if you are in a vulnerable emotional state. Moments like this show the kind of light and shade that bands like this pretty much helped to write the book on with lyrics like,  “I can see those cotton candy castles in the sky, where we will all go in time” just hitting the heart and soul in all the right places. If it doesn’t? Well. No comment. Let’s continue shall we?

Sadly, this great rock n roll album comes to an end with Once Upon a Time, which ebbs and flows with the dramatic feel of a powerhouse rock ballad, closing triumphantly with some fantastic orchestral sounds, accompanying the band on this ride down the home stretch, before they are bound to return to their highway to hell around the world and leave fans hungry for the next chapter. Toriens vocals on this track in particular come through so real and so raw, that anything more would taint the moment and lose the edge that this album has built with such vibrato and punch and ease.

Selfishly, one would hope for another dose of rock, cause that’s the kind of feeling this album serves but this is a good thing, and the 10 tracks on ‘From Out of the Skies’ can put any doubts at ease about rock n roll being dead, cause that’s far from the truth in today’s level of social idiocy. It’s refreshing and inspiring to hear one of LA’s finest rock exponents continue the good times, cause rock will never die. Trends will come and go, but Bulletboys have given us another reason to rejoice and throw our horns high in the air. Seriously, throw down the phone and crank this album to maximum and let it rock your world. This is exactly the kind of rock that reminds one of why going to gigs should be a religious right of passage and venues should never be allowed to close their doors. This album is damn good. Let there be rock.

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