Now this is going to be an interesting one. There isn’t a lot of information on this band other than what could be found on their Facebook page which states that Demon Head was founded in 2012 in Copenhagen. The band state in their bio that “The sound of old amplifiers, tape recording and raw power shows inspirations from the first really heavy bands, blues and gloomy music in all its forms.” and that they classify themselves as “Scandinavian Diabolic Rock”, which gleans to the dark, gloomy vibe of their music.

The band is here to release “The Resistance” as a 7″ vinyl and it serves as an epilogue to a narrative that they created with their previous album “Thunder on the Fields” and this is where the progressive feeling in the music comes from.

The first track we have here is called Rivers Of Mars. The song starts with slightly over driven guitars playing a relatively simple chord progression before being joined by the rest of the band. Instantly the vocals reminded me of a lot of the rock and roll and blues inspired classic rock front-men of an era long passed, what with the deep, doom-like sound and all. Overall the song has an old fashioned eerie rock sort of feel to it, having being recorded on tapes like the old days, which would make sense as it feels like I’m listening to something from the late 60s or early 70s.

The Resistance follows a similar formula to Rivers Of Mars in which it gives off a real eerie rock vibe, I guess you could say it has a dark western kind of feel to it. The bassline and overall tune is catchy and here you can see that “The Resistance” has that aforementioned progressive feel to it, as if we’re being told a story.

The music is slow and rather chilled which adds to that dark western kind of vibe that I mentioned. If you’re into that slow gloomy kind of music then this is for you!


Get your hands on a copy of The Resistance HERE!