On Tuesday night at The Crocodile in Seattle I was treated to three very talented bands. Two of which were from England and the other from Los Angeles. It would make for a great night of music. First up was Courtship from Los Angeles. The are described as an electric, rock-pop duo that is the brain child of Eli Hirsch (Guitars) and Micah Gordon (Vocals and Keyboards). The music is just plain fun and really easy to listen to. Watching Eli on guitar just having a blast on stage was great. Eli has a smooth voice that just draws you in as he sings. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on moving forward, as you can see a music career on the up-swing.

The crowd got into the music right away and was having a very good time. Two of the songs that stood out to me were Sunroof and Bad Fun. Sunroof is very up-beat with a great chorus and some solid guitar work, especially at the end of the song. Bad Fun was the catchiest song of the night with the crowd really moving to it. It just had a great feel to it all the way through. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these guys moving forward. Next up was Coasts a British rock band from Bristol. They really reminded me of some of the best of British rock from the 80s. Their lead singer Chris Caines is a phenomenal vocalist for that style of music. I have never been big into the British rock scene, but Coasts won me over in a hurry. He is a very charismatic front man that really carries a show.

The rest of the band was rock solid as well. Two of their real stand out songs were Rush of Blood and Oceans which closed the set. Rush of Blood has that real British pop-rock feel had the crown in a frenzy. It is very memorable song, and one I was humming along too later that evening. Oceans which is one of their most popular songs, bounces back and forth between ballad and pop-rock. The transitions are smooth, and the song is just great overall. It is safe to say the crowd loved Coasts and thoroughly enjoyed the set.

Our final act of the night was The Hunna hailing from Hertfordshire, UK. They are an indie-alternative rock band that exploded on to the scene in 2016. Their debut album “100” shot up the British charts to number thirteen. This release has sixteen songs on it and has kept them touring ever sense. Singer/Guitarist Ryan Potter fronts the band has great range and an all around fantastic voice. The band has a lot of energy on stage and really keeps the crowd involved in the show. Once again, the crowd was eating this up and having a fun evening. The Hunna opened with one of their biggest hits You and Me. This is definitely a rocking song, but still has a little of that British feel. It has a great pace, a good chorus and is a solid rock song. As the night came to a close, we were treated to a couple more of their hit singles Bonfire and We Could Be. The Bonfire really rocks and the vocal play from Potter is really good.

Like a lot of their songs if has a great pace to it that makes the song feel like it is moving forward at all times. We Could Be was a little bit more mellow, but is still a rocker at heart. The crowd ate it up and a great night of music came to an end. I left impressed by all three band and thoroughly enjoyed a night of music that was different that what I usually listen to. I love the opportunity to hear different styles of music and these special nights that you leave the show having had a great time. I would recommend all three of these bands for a fun night out. If you get a chance, catch them on this tour.

Photos by Eric Pefley