With the gates flooding with a slightly older crowd than usual, the Riverstage held a three band extravaganza including Melbourne’s resident oddballs; Ocean Grove, Southern Californian 4 piece (since the departure of former vocalist Austin Carlile) Of Mice & Men, and Nu Metal giants; Limp Bizkit. Tonight was sure to be a sweat-fest.

Ocean Grove’s latest album “The Rhapsody Tapes” has given the band new life as they have brought back the old school nu metal vibe but merged that with the new age metal core genre, to create something unique and wonderful.

Opening with the first track on “The Rhapsody Tapes” What I Love About A Natural Women which as an intro song follows into Beers revved the crowd up for their set. During Beers everybody in the venue was bouncing and singing along. Observing the band during their performance, I noticed that two of the members; lead guitarist Jimmy Hall and bassist Dale Tanner, had a very strange but satisfying style of clothing on. This gave a good visual to go along with the music they were performing to the Riverstage.

Rolling through the very wasteland sounding Intimate Alien, the bouncy and odd Slow Soap Soak, and one of the most electrifying songs on “The Rhapsody Tapes” Thunderdome.

Ocean Grove proved that they were the perfect fit for national support on this tour, and definitely made Brisbane feel like they were the second home to the Melbournites.

With some people chatting nearby about how Of Mice & Men and how they’d work without their former vocalist Austin Carlile, I couldn’t wait for them to witness how well Aaron Pauley can scream as well as do his clean vocals. Opening with a defiant and verbal middle finger to the haters, Of Mice & Men broke into Defy and tore the walls down that people had put there. With a strong comeback in order they moved forward as a four piece and are showing that there is still plenty of life within the band even after the line-up change.

Commanding a circle pit for the next song; War Zone, the crowd did as they were told and got moving in a circular motion. The crowd welcomed the band back with open arms and were gifted the song Unbreakable and Bones Exposed followed.

While you dont expect a heavy band to cover Pink Floyd, Of Mice & Men defied those odds too and released a cover of Money. The band has definitely had to evolve and in doing so grown happier and more focused as ever to excel as a four piece.

Closing with The Depths Aaron Pauley got the crowd to get down low like they always do during thjis song live. The heavy riffs and progressively faster approaching drums got the crowd ready to burst out of their shell and mosh.  This wont be the last we see of the boys from South Cali.

The crowd eagerly waiting the Chocolate Starfish himself; Fred Durst and co, started to fill the empty spots to the side of the stage. Everybody knew this mosh was going to be mental yet those passionate punters still risked life and limb to get into the mosh.

Opening with the famous intro to Hot Dog, Limp Bizkit looked like they injected adrenaline into every crowd members in the mosh as they exploded with an enormous amount of energy which was reciprocated by the crazy riff lord Wes Borland who flung himself around the stage. Going through their catalogue of hits, with covers of George Michael’s Faith, The Who’s Behind Blue Eyes, and a slightly lacklustre cover of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit there was no shortage of crowd participation. Getting to the point that Durst kept stopping between songs to reassure if the crowd was okay, more than likely due to the events at Sydney’s Big Day Out 2001.

Rollin’ through their show with the crowd always ready for more, the light show during My Way, Break Stuff and Take A Look Around was second to none. It highlighted Borland’s guitar riffs and John Otto’s heavy handed drum rolls, and gave a great visual during their performance to a nearly sold out Riverstage.

With Nu Metal back on the rise tonight showed that there was still plenty of love for the rap rock genre and its bands still touring the world. Being the enigma Durst is, he showed a softer side of care for the crowd tonight which was enlightening. If you’re yet to witness Limp Bizkit live, it’s definitely worth your time.


  • Hot Dog
  • Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
  • Faith (George Michael cover)
  • Eat You Alive
  • Gold Cobra
  • My Generation
  • Livin’ It Up
  • Re-Arranged
  • My Way
  • Boiler
  • I’m Broke
  • Behind Blue Eyes (The Who cover)
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover, only played up until first chorus though)
  • Break Stuff
  • Take A Look Around

Photos by Paul Hannan. Check out more of Paul’s work on his Instagram