Calling all Wednesday 13 fans; if you missed the two acoustic shows that were performed last year, you’ll be excited to hear that the man himself is coming back in April with the full band in celebration of their most recent album ‘Condolences! After taking time to mention “you’re my last interview of the day; you’ve got the sweet spot!”, Wednesday 13 started talking about the upcoming trip to Australia and how long it has been in planning for:

“We actually started discussing coming back to Australia the day before we left last time; we’ve got a good relationship with Daniel from Destroy All Lines and we love touring Australia. When we came back we knew we wanted to do something with the full band, as last year was the acoustic tour. Davey was one of the names on the list of bands that we were looking at and I thought they were a great fit. I’m the grumpy old man at 41 and because things are different to how they were in my day, I have to take a step back; fans like to go to a show that’s a package and everyone is all for one, whereas I’m the kind of person that would be okay with seeing a bluegrass or country band opening for Slayer! Mind you, I think it’s cool to have a package of bands that the audience are going to enjoy; if people are going to get there when the doors open, they don’t want to sit through stuff that sucks.” Wednesday then concluded with “mind you, even though the fans may be bummed, the bar makes a lot of money as everyone heads there to get drunk and get through it” and a wry chuckle.

Taking time to move onto what fans can expect to see at upcoming shows, Wednesday pointed out how “unfortunately, coming to Australia means we are a little restricted from a visual perspective. Because we fly to every show, it is hard to fly without it being just money, money, money. What I try to do when I come to Australia is bring as much as I possibly can; my luggage is literally just full of props and stage stuff! I bring like one pair of pants, my stage clothes and then everything else is for the stage show; at the same time, even without every little detail that we have in the States, no one is going to miss that as we still play the songs and put on the show. However, I do hope in the future that we can change that and I can say “we’re bringing everything down to Australia” as right now, you’re getting the punk rock version of what we can actually do.”

The start of 2018 has been completely non-existent on the tour front for Wednesday 13; does this mean that they could possibly be working on a follow up album for ‘Condolences’? After proudly expressing that “we have so much in the pipelines with everything we’re working on”, Wednesday gave an in-depth insight into what the band have been up to since the start of the year:

“We just finished up touring the end of November after doing roughly 120 shows last year, so I most definitely needed some time off to breathe and recharge the batteries. It’s not like I’ve been sitting at home, with my feet up whilst having margaritas and not doing anything though; we’re already planning things for next year! We’ve just taken the first few months of the year off, but once we start in Australia next month we’re pretty much busy up until Christmas. I think the current plans right now are to do a tour in November and then head straight into the studio, with intentions to have the album done by the end of the year and out in the summer of next year! It’s going to be tough to top ‘Condolences’ as the band keeps getting bigger and bigger, but I think we can do it; if I get my way, things will be bigger and better than ever before. Both myself and the band have started writing material; plus with us on the road within a couple of weeks, we will be together every day whether we like it or not, so we might as well sit together and write some songs.”

Wednesday then gave a great insight into just how much preparation work can take place behind the scenes; however he also pointed out that this isn’t always something that he is fond of doing!

“As far as planning tours, as well as planning and releasing records, you need to do that months ahead of time otherwise you’re just f*cking yourself over. When it comes to my experiences when making music, anytime I’ve ever gone in and said that we’re going to do it just like this, it is never even close! I’ve learnt that you just go in with the best songs that you have, you record them, make them sound the best they are and that’s the album; you let it occur naturally and don’t think any more about it. To go in with a play by play book of how it’s going to be just doesn’t work in my world, plus that just doesn’t sound fun; I like to be in the studio and get excited when we stumble across something in the studio, that we wouldn’t have been able to if we had everything written down from months ago. We started playing music so we didn’t have to have a job; when it starts to feel like a job, we get angry!”

After pointing out “you guys are getting the first of the second round of the Condolences tour, if that makes sense!”, Wednesday informed fans that “you’re going to see the band at their most energetic, as we’ve been off the road for a couple of months and a couple of months for us seems like a year. We feel like tigers pacing in a cage; we’re literally waiting for the intro to roll so we can go on stage and bring it! Getting to see the new live show and the new record live, you’re just gonna love it; we’ll be there within a month so get ready!