I’ve always been a huge fan of Metalcore, anything Metal really so I was pleased to have a listen to Kaosphere’s debut self-titled EP. Kaosphere are a “Heavy Metal” band from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. These guys quote Sepultura, Devil Driver, Pantera and Parkway Drive as their influence, so this should be interesting!

Brothers In Arms started with a haunting sounding clean guitar playing some cool arpeggios which really reminded me of Iron Maiden. This quickly turned up to 100 bringing in a kick ass Metalcore sounding riff. Right off the bat these awesome screamed vocals must be mentioned as they really set the overall tone for this song. I must say this has actually been an excellent opening song! Extremely heavy. With that being sound however, the one downside to this track is that it really sounds like there’s only two sections of the song being repeated over and over again with no real structure.

Up next is Slay and while this one hits hard from the very start there is nothing unique about it other than the kick ass face-melter of a guitar solo towards the end. This song suffers the same fate as Brothers In Arms but it definitely redeemed itself with the aforementioned guitar solo.

Chokehold managed to break up the formula a little bit with a death metal like tremolo riff but other than that this suffers the same as the rest. However I will mention that the screamed vocals overall remind me of a mix between Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall and Pantera’s Phil Anselmo, which for me is a massive plus, this man is extremely talented. With that being said, I feel this vocalist should stick to screamed vocals. Oh and before I jump to the next track this one features a guitar solo as well and it is off it’s f!@#ing head!

I wish there was more I could say about the final track Forsaken Shadows, while it starts off really good it quickly turns into the same song I’ve been hearing throughout this EP.

Overall we’re given a fast and aggressive Metalcore album with some extremely tight vocals and awesome double kick but this one was hit with the generic stick.