Ontario natives Æpoch recently announced their forthcoming debut album, Awakening Inception. Set for release on Friday, April 13th. Æpoch has built up a well developed and unique spin on progressive death metal that incorporates black metal, thrash, lot’s of melody, and technical death metal elements inside of a progressive focused songwriting style. Æpoch will embark on an extended Canadian tour with UK death metal titans Bloodshot Dawn from April 17th – May 1stTour Dates & Info available HERE.

Today the band partnered with No Clean Singing to premiere “Awakening Inception”, the album’s title track and second single to air so far from Awakening Inception. Of particular note, “Awakening Inception” features a notable guest spot from Hideous Divinity vocalist Enrico Di Lorenzo.

You can listen to Æpoch – “Awakening Inception HERE

No Clean Singing comments on the premiere of “Awakening Inception”
“Awakening Inception” (the song) has an enormously powerful rhythmic drive that moves between juggernaut rumbling, explosive blasting, and bursts of near-light-speed drum fills, all of which provide a changing anchor point for a rich array of thick, warping riffs, tendrils of freakish, fret-leaping leads, and bubbling, boiling bass notes.

With the music segmented by groaning and jackhammering grooves, the string-slingers veer, vault, and swirl across the frets, producing sounds that are both angular and fluid, deranged and mesmerizing. It’s a technical fireworks display, to be sure, but one that hangs together coherently and never devolves into the kind of chaos that would shatter the strength of the song as an actual song.

While all this is happening, the vocalists vent heartless, voracious growls, highly accelerated barks, flesh-stripping shrieks, and famished howls. (Enrico Di Lorenzo’s guest vocal part runs from 4:46 – 5:06.)

The song ends with an absolutely head-hammering groove that acts as the underpinning for an extended, fret-melting solo that’s hot enough to blow the top of your head clean off. And then you can breathe again.”

Pre-orders for Awakening Inception are now live

Æpoch is:
Greg Carvalho – Drums (Brazen Bull, ex Ostium Nex, live for Becomes Astral)
Brett MacIntosh – 5 string Fretless Bass / Lead Vocals (Brazen Bull)
Kyle Edissi – Guitar / Backing Vocals (on “Time: Perspective” & “The Expiration”) (Invicta, Raider)
Taylor Wroblewski – Guitar (Brazen Bull)

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