Gloomy weather spread over Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley bringing a cooler Friday night than most, but that wouldn’t be the case inside The Zoo, as they played host to the first Australian shows for Thursday since their break-up at Soundwave Festival in 2012. Taking fellow countrymen Quicksand along for the ride and with national support by We Set Sail, it was sure to be a hot mess inside the venue.

We Set Sail opened with a very Deftones-like sound similar to their song Sextape. With the audience slowly building, their performance caught the attention of The Zoo as their sound matched how one would feel if they were in their own bubble. With the backdrop being projected to show a video of ink droplets being dropped into water, it helped keep the audience locked on their performance.

With a solid bass-heavy performance of their hits from 2006 to now, We Set Sail proved why their effort on stage helped get this support slot which they fit very well into. If you’ve yet to see them around Brisbane definitely go out and give them some of your attention while they perform.

Quicksand have been a band since 1990 (Active 1990-1995, 1997-1999, and now 2012 to the present day, with two break-ups in both 1995 and 1999) and have paved the way along side bands like Thursday, Deftones and Glassjaw in the industry for bands of the Post-Hardcore / Nu Metal genre. Opening with Fazer and Too Official, they showed that even through multiple break-ups and many years in the music industry, they still have some of the best energy shown on stage and throw down 100% of their effort to these shows.

Pushing through their set of illustrious hits like Illuminant, (Fake) and Brown Gargantuan, they garnered the audience’s minds and made sure they were focused on Quicksand and the headline set worth of hit after hit.

While it was their first tour to Australia they sure had a decent audience and following down here, eager to hear all of their songs finally in the flesh. Closing with Dine Alone, Quicksand proved they could easily stay around for another 10 years performing and releasing new music. Idols of the genre, they proved to me that they’ve still got it and haven’t lost a beat at all.

With a packed venue awaiting Thursday to grace the stage, the crowd was on its toes, ready for a performance spanning 21 years. Blasting the opening riff of For the Workforce, Drowning, the crowd went nuts and Thursday came out as if they never took a break from 2011-2016. With the crowd in the mood for a mosh, the band continued through their set with A Hole in the World, famously off their 2011 album ‘Full Collapse’ (which Geoff Rickley said they’ll be playing a fair bit of tonight in Brisbane).

With Thursday in full command of the crowd before him and no barrier between the band and the stage, it made the performance much more intimate and special, especially when they played Division Street and Understanding in a Car Crash. With the crowd nearly louder than Thursday themselves, it was a performance of a lifetime to witness.

A four-song encore followed that to close up the Brisbane show, with smiles on both the fans’ and the bands’ faces once the dust and craziness settled. Circuits of Fever, No Answers, Turnpike Divides and War All the Time was how it ended, but surely  with this successful tour throughout Australia it will hopefully not be the last time they grace our shores halfway across the other side of the world.

With two headlines sets worthy of a king, both Quicksand and Thursday proved that regardless of past breakups and career changes, the bands can bounce back and those avid fans will still be here waiting for therm patiently. Intimate performances like tonight don’t come around often but when they do you learn to treasure it and enjoy every moment until it’s done. Hopefully we see both bands back in Australia soon.


Quicksand set list:


Too Official


Warm and Low

Under the Screw

Normal Love

Head to Wall


Lie and Wait




Thorn in my Side

Brown Gargantuan


Landmine Spring

Dine Alone


Thursday set list:

For the Workforce, Drowning

A Hole in the World

Cross Out the Eyes

Signals Over the Air

Paris in Flames

Steps Ascending

Jet Black New Year

Autobiography of a Nation

This Song Brought to you by a Falling Bomb

Division St.

Understanding in a Car Crash


Circuits of Fever

No Answers

Turnpike Divides

War All the Time