Captives are a punk quintet from Tasmania Australia. The band roster is made up of Aaron Damon on vocals, Marcus Wynwood and Mitch Damon on guitar, Ben Thomas-Gill on bass, and Matthew Damon on drums. ‘Over The Rainbow’ is their debut studio album, due out March 30th and we got to give it a spin before its release.

House Parties And Black Balloons is the opening track and it kicks off with a chugging electric guitar line that is full of energy. The energy continues when the punchy vocals kick in, a sound reminiscent of early brit-punk acts like Sex Pistols and Adam And The Ants. There’s also hints of The Offspring in the track and it’s a great opener.

Up next is Paint It In Blue which is the first single released from ‘Over The Rainbow’. Captives name Queens Of The Stone Age as one of their influences and this track, opened with drums, definitely has notes of QOTSA throughout. The energy from track one carries over into track two, and these two tracks together definitely set up for an exciting ride.

Pretty Little Creatures is track three and if listening to it doesn’t make you want to get up and pogo, or headbang, then you need to listen to it again. Whilst there are parts of this track that are slower than others, the track is still fast and upbeat, and in my opinion is one of the stars of ‘Over The Rainbow’. The breakdown around the 1 minute 50 mark also has a pretty impressive guitar solo that you’re going to want to air-guitar along to.

Track four is Pigeon Boy and it definitely opens up heavier than the first three tracks. The heaviness continues for the duration of the track and it’s an interesting, but not unwelcome change from the vibe of the first three tracks. The vocals on this one are also a lot more aggressive than on previous tracks and there’s a lot of swearing – just what you’d expect from a self-described ‘punkish’ band. There’s a lot of QOTSA in this one as well, but overall it’s a great track.

Spilt Milk is next and is also on the heavier side and opens with drums and guitars, with the bassline also playing a part. It’s a faster track musically, and vocally again is a stand out track for me. With risk of all tracks sounding the same, the mix between the heavy and the punk is balanced and no track is the same as the one before, or after it.

Track six is Vines which was originally released back in 2016 as a stand-alone single, but it gets a spot on ‘Over The Rainbow’, sounding a little heavier than when it was originally released. The music video for this one is also a fun little adventure that involves a dinosaur having a really bad day. There’s another kickass guitar solo on this track, around the 2 minute 20 mark.

Love Is In Your Eyes is next up and the QOTSA influence is back and the track is very similar to Feel Good Hit Of The Summer in a musical sense, but is extremely different in terms of lyrics and vibes. I really enjoyed this track and had to listen to it twice because I got so lost in it and forgot I had to review it! If you like listening to albums on shuffle, this is a track that you could start ‘Over The Rainbow’ with.

Track eight is I Am Horror. Fast, loud, heavy and in your face are the things that come to mind when I heard this track. It’s punchy guitar and bass, backed up with rocking drums, and aggressive right-there vocals throughout and you can’t help but rock out while you listen. The lyrics in the chorus are repetitive, but not in an annoying way, and easy enough that you can sing along even if it’s only the first time you’ve heard it.

Johnny is track nine and those punk influences are back again after several tracks that are heavier. Vocalist Aaron Damon shows off his impressive skills in this track, and when performed live I feel like he’d be in total control and command of his stage. There’s a vocal break partway through the track where the four instrumentalists of the band get to have a bit of a jam session that is cohesive and interesting.

Ok And Automated is track ten and is another high energy adventure of guitars, bass, drums and vocals that are in your face and demand attention. This one is an ear-pleaser right from the get go and only gets better as it progresses through its three and a half minute runtime.

We now come to the final track, This Little Piggy. This Little Piggy is one of the longer tracks on the album at just over four minutes long and opens with a guitar and drum solo. Air drums and air guitar are required for this track, and when you’re not doing that you’ll be bouncing along. The energy stays right up for the entire album, and the final track is no exception. Punchy, punky and heavy Is the only reasonable summary for the final track.

‘Over The Rainbow’ is a fantastic album for Captives to debut with, and if this album is an indication of what is to come in the future we can definitely expect great things from the five boys from Tassie.

You can pre-order Over The Rainbow, out March 30 via Inertia records HERE!