Throne to The Wolves’ music is once again making a return with the coming release of their second EP, ‘Tales from The Gallows’. Following up from their previous EP, this collection of songs hit the nail on the head in terms of quality with the collection the Canadian metalcore band has delivered to its audience.

Acting as the incredibly hooking opener of ‘Tales from The Gallows’ is Monster Takes the Pilot, which begins with a haunting spoken word that has the audience listening from the get go. As the track builds up momentum, the listener is launched into a head-banging worthy tune that could easily be labelled one of, if not the heaviest song in the EP. The eloquently mixed instruments deliver a perfect combination of thrilling guitar riffs and on point drum beats that generate an absolute banger that effortlessly carries the audience to listen right until the very end.

While majority of the songs in ‘Tales from The Gallows’ are thrillingly heavy, some of the tracks have taken it down just a notch and delivered a melodic sound that mixes the high-intensity of the guttural screams and dense drums with a slower tempo. Following from the first track, Picture Perfect and Lost Souls both begin to decrease in weightiness. While the intensity of the vocals and emotions delivered by the song manage to stay the same, the tone of the guitars turns into a melancholic one throughout the following songs. By the end of the third song, which is unquestionably the softest one in the EP, it feels as if the power and hype stemming the heaviness of the first track has travelled down and decreased to a resting point through a process of songs.

Following Lost Souls, ‘Tales from The Gallows’ picks up on force once again by diving right into the lead single, Dust in My Lungs. Although the shortest song in the EP, this track once again throws the listener into the heavy hype of the first song, providing some more head-banging opportunities and delivering a set of angst filled screaming vocals and an exhilarating breakdown. Although each individual part of the song works in harmony with the others, the rhythm guitar is impressively outstanding, and acts as the bridge that binds the entire song together to make a solid piece of work.

Succeeding Dust in My Lungs, the build up to the final track is a procession back into yet another one of the heaviest songs in the EP. A Last Farewell is exactly that. One last chance to show off what Throne to The Wolves have to deliver before saying goodbye. The entire EP takes the listener on a flowing journey, beginning with the heftiest song and progressively slowing down before bringing the power back in for a powerful last track. A Last Farewell has an impressive musical arrangement that somehow incorporates a similar sound to Monster Takes the Pilot while still managing to remain unique and maintain an individual sound. The last track flawlessly completes and closes the EP with a fade out that leaves the audience with a sense of gratification and fulfilment.

Throne to The Wolves are set to embark on a full Canadian headline tour in support of their new EP.

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