Tax The Heat are gearing up for their new album ‘Change Your Position’ to hit stores next week, on March 9, 2018. Given the band have previously acknowledged their love of bands from the sixties like The Kinks and The Who etc, we decided to ask them what albums from that era they wish they could have played on, as well as who would be in their ultimate supergroup of musicians from that era.

“If an album is about capturing a band or artist at a certain point, ‘Change Your Position’  might have happened at the perfect time,” comments Alex Veale. “As a band we toured, found our sound, found our place and took inspiration from a world in utter chaos. With ‘Change Your Position’ we pushed ourselves creatively as hard as we could and it took us further into ourselves than we expected – we hope it’s apparent to the listener.”

Veale says, “When we wrote the ‘Change Your Position’ album we followed our nose and let the music manifest itself in the way it did. Now we’ve started rehearsing for the tour it’s become apparent how good this will feel to play the album live and loud in some fantastic intimate venues. We can’t wait, join us!”

Pre-order the album, here.