Arriving to what seemed like an endless line outside the Riverstage stacked full of young girls repping their favourite bands, coloured hair and diverse make-up, the sold out show for Fall Out Boy was nearly underway. The day had perfect weather for the venue to be in full operation, so once the gates opened the young punters flooded in to get the best position against the barrier.


Opening the show was Brisbane’s own WAAX who are capitalising on their success on their 6 song EP ‘Wild and Weak.’ A fresh sound and gritty guitars helped circulate Marie’s vocals during their performance. Holding onto the crowd and pushing through their set, it gave young girls in the mosh an idol to look up to.

Performing songs like ‘This Everything’ with her gnarly vocals and guitar riffs with the wah pedal, they captured the attention of the Riverstage (which was arguably the biggest show they’ve played since forming in 2015. WAAX only have one way to go in their career if they keep doing this and that way is up into stardom. With the backing of Triple J, an avid fan base and a similar sound to Garbage this band is destined for great things and I look forward to seeing them more around the Brisbane music scene.

Off the back of their new album ‘Mania’ Fall Out Boy have moved onto a slightly more pop influenced sound rather than the sound they produced during the ‘From Under The Cork Tree/Folie a Deux’ era. This move hasn’t been the best decision in some punters minds but nonetheless they’ve obtained a younger pop audience to continue their world dominance in ‘saving rock and roll (pun intended).’

‘Phoenix’ was the first song played by Fall Out Boy and it brought the crowd to life with an amazing LED backdrop and light show to go with it. Capitalising on the audience pop they moved into ‘Irresistible’ and ‘Hum Hallelujah’ before smashing out an old emo favourite ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down’ which really showed the age difference in the long term fans who’ve been around since the start and the new fans who’ve arrived since their reformation.

Performing an even setlist of old and new, Fall Out Boy had both old and new fans by the horns and took them for a wild ride throughout their 16-year career as a band. Halfway through the set Pete Wentz disappeared from the stage and ended up behind the crowd while they performed ‘Dance Dance’ and ‘Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)’, much the the crowd’s excitement. Closing up their set with fan favourites ‘Grand Theft Autumn’, ‘Thnks Fr Th Mmrs’ and ‘Champion’ the crowd showed why, young and old, they all love Fall Out Boy.

With the crowd chanting one more song, Fall Out Boy came back out, but not before Pete Wentz told a story as to why he loves Australia. Quoting Pete, he loves Australia most because he likes the Aussies picking on the silly Americans over the ‘Drop Bears.’ After a good laugh with the audience, it went dark and the back group had a video of Kill Bill and many other movies with the famous actor (and the name of their song) ‘Uma Thurman’, which brought the crowd back to life. Following on from that the played ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)’ and their standard fan favourite to close shows with ‘Saturday.’

Yes, while they’ve somewhat moved on from their emo-rock sound of 2002-2008 they’ve still managed to keep a hold of an audience big enough to demand travel to a country halfway across the world like here in Australia.

Although I myself am not a big fan of their newer music, it does sound much more enjoyable live and they don’t forget where their roots lie, always reminding their long-term fans that they’ll always play their old hits. A band you definitely need to see on the rest of this Australian Tour. With fireworks, pyrotechnic, streamers and a light show that captured everyone’s attention straight away Fall Out Boy put on a performance of a lifetime and did not disappoint. If you’re yet to see them or have been a fan since the start you’ll enjoy this show either way.

Check out the full gallery below from photographer Charlyn Cameron.