Calling all fans of Symphonic Metal. This is one interview you’re not going to want to miss, and definitely is one album you’re going to want to go and check out straight away!

Recently, we had the opportunity to listen to Between The Planets latest album release “Of Inner Sight” (If you didn’t see the review, you can check it out HERE) and it was a symphonic masterpiece. Having heard the album, we were able to sit down with Martin “Spacosh” Perina, guitarist/musician of Between The Planets, to discuss their latest release.

If you’re unfamiliar with who Between The Planets are that isn’t going to be a problem, because Perina provided a crash-course in who the band are for any newcomers:

“BETWEEN THE PLANETS is a band from Czech Republic. Originally it was my studio one-man project under which I recorded the first album „Immersion Into The Unknown“, which was released in 2013. In 2014 I was joined by drummer Filip Kittnar and bass player Adam Palma and we started playing live. Composing music and the entire management of the band is however still my responsibility. In the fall of 2017 we released our second album „Of Inner Sight“ (saxophone player Jørgen Munkeby from SHINING is one the guests on this album)”

Between The Planets sound is definitely unique, electing not to use vocals and allowing the music to take the listeners on a journey. Perina spoke about the reasons behind them choosing to not use vocals in their works, however then touched on breaking the mode and working on some things for the future which might see vocals hit the forefront:

“I’ve always felt very close to instrumental music. I like to express my musical feelings in this way – without lyrics, only by musical instruments. But frankly I more and more drawn to compositions with vocals recently. It could even be just few songs – as a vitalization of our music, resp. next album. In the spring we plan to release a new single, which will include vocals.”

Some might think not including vocals could be a determent to the band, whereas others feel this allows the music to reach the listeners on a more personal level that it wouldn’t usually be able to reach. Perina sees both sides of this discussion, and weighed in with his opinion:

“It depends on the point of view. You could say that if the music does not include vocals, then it talks to listeners more directly, the composition is not bound by certain idea in the lyrics and people can therefore focus only on perceiving their feelings from the music. However such a music may be a little too abstract for someone. If you incorporate such a music with lyrics, you can drive such music closer to these people. It is such a connectional element – a tool to transfer the song’s idea closer to the listener. The original a bit abstract composition then becomes „a song“”

Attention shifted to their latest album, “Of Inner Sightopening with discussion on how long they’d been in the  studio piecing this masterpiece together:

“The phase of preparations started roughly in 2014. The whole process then lasted to approx. first half of 2016. In June 2016 we went to the Biotech studio to record drums and then we recorded the rest of the instruments in my studio. Mixing then took some time (again in Biotech), everything essential was finished in the spring of 2017 and we just had to wait for the artwork (in the end done by Lukáš Lancko who did the artwork for the first album). So the release took place in the fall of 2017 in the end.”

Perina continued to talk about the driving motivations and inspirations that brought about the album’s conception:

“The inspiration is mainly my own feelings. Motivation is probably similar with most artists – it’s always some kind of inner tension which motivates someone to convert his feeling into music. Some kind of general idea is expressed by the name of the album „Of Inner Sight“. Simply put it is about a confrontation with one’s own self and different points of view on one thing. About strength of mind and extensity of imagination which every mind makes possible.”

“In transferred meaning the album name can also advert to necessity of tolerance to different points of view (opinions). Every one of us is unique and together we form a whole here on earth. If you’re asking about a musical inspiration, then I can say I like music of all genres. My favorite bands are for example: Radiohead, Three Trapped Tigers,Tesseract, Jakob, Animals As Leaders, Jon Hopkins and a lot of other great music”

Our time with Perina had come to and end, but it all would have been amiss if he wasn’t asked about what the future holds for Between The Planets moving forward:

“At this moment our Czech Republic tour is under way with bands DYING PASSION and ELBE. We also continue with our promo activities concerning our new album. In spring we will release our new single which will include vocals. We would also like to get on some foreign gigs or festivals”