We caught up with guitarist Michael Bono of The Faim and chatted about supporting Sleeping With Sirens in Australia and New Zealand, how The Faim was formed, and their latest single ‘Saints of the Sinners,’ read on to hear all about it!

Signed to BMG, The Faim consist of the current lineup of Josh Raven on lead vocals, Bono on guitar, Stephen Beerkens on bass and keyboard, and drummer Sean Tighe. The four-piece are home grown talent, hailing from Perth, Western Australia. To start off, this interviewer asked Bono how they landed the support gig. “We were lucky enough to get the support slot with the help of the music we wrote with John Feldmann and our manager talking to the promoter of the tour.” This interviewer then asked if The Faim were Sleeping With Sirens fans, to which Bono enthusiastically replied, “Definitely! I used to listen to them in high school a lot. It’s quite funny to be able to support them now on a massive Australian tour.”

The Faim were also lucky enough to work with two of the biggest names in music on their single ‘Saints of the Sinners,’ co-written with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, and produced by none other than John Feldmann, who’s worked with artists like Panic! At The Disco, Black Veil Brides and Papa Roach to name a few. This interviewer asked Bono to reflect on that experience. “We grew up listening to Fall Out Boy, and Feldy managed to line up a co-writing session with Pete, we were super excited about it.” Elaborating further Bono told us, “He came in and we talked about some really interesting aspects of the music industry. We wanted to write something different to everything else that’s out there at the moment.” Focusing on the experience of working with Wentz, Michael continues, “It was a great experience. He’s been one of my idols since I started playing guitar at a very young age. It was super cool getting a chance to write with him.”

Next the focus was on the experience of working with Feldmann. Bono says with a laugh, “It was amazing, we went from writing two songs in two months, to two songs a day. Feldy definitely put us under the pump, and showed us new ways of writing. There was also an endless amount of coffee involved whilst in the studio!” This interviewer also queried Bono on the band’s writing process. “We generally all write together, when we were in the studio with Feldmann we got split up into different groups.”

The next thing we asked Bono was who his and the rest of the bands influences were musically. “We listen to a whole wide range of music. We listen to anything from rock to pop to classical musical. We listen to artists such as AC DC, Frank Sinatra, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, a bit of everything really. You could say we’re very versatile.” This interviewer followed that question up by asking Bono what fans can expect from The Faim live. Sounding enthusiastic, Bono happily told us, “A LOT of energy, that’s for sure. I feel like our live performance will be something to enjoy, we’re looking forward to showing people what we’ve been working on for the last 18 months.”

We eagerly await the arrival of the band’s debut album, ‘Saints of the Sinners’ definitely has us on the edge of our seats for its release and we asked Bono when it’s due out. “You can expect the album hopefully around August/September. We’re really excited to showcase what we’ve been working so hard on.” Bono also told us that there is more new music to come soon. “I can’t tell you any dates yet, all I can say is soon.” When we asked what we can expect from future music, Bono cheekily told us to, “Expect the unexpected. No song is the same, it’s all very versatile like our music taste.”

The Faim

Stepping back from the music side of things, this interviewer asked Bono how The Faim were formed. “We got together at school actually. We were all in the same music class and had to write a grunge song together as it was a part of our assessment. We took the project outside of class and enjoyed doing it so much that we knew we wanted to make a career out of it.” We found out that they weren’t always called The Faim. “We were making music for a few years under the name Small Town Heroes. We decided we needed a fresh start to reflect how we’d grown. Faim actually means ‘hunger’ in French.”

Finally we asked Bono what the rest of 2018 has in store for The Faim. “We will be heading to the UK to support Lower Than Atlantis in April, we’ll then be playing with the guys from Sleeping With Sirens around Australia and New Zealand. We also managed to land Download Fest in the UK this year too. There’s a few more things in the works but we can’t talk about them just yet. It’s going to be a really exciting year!”

You can find The Faim on Facebook HERE and grab your tickets to see them on tour this April with Sleeping With Sirens HERE!

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