“If There Is Light, It Will Find You”, which was released on the 16th of February of this year via Pure Noise Records/Sony Music Australia, brings Senses Fail back to its roots of emotionally fueled rock songs that will most definitely resonate with the nostalgia of every emo kid that once nodded and sang along to one of the band’s first records, “Let It Enfold You”. Taking some of his most challenging life experiences by the reigns, vocalist Buddy Nielsen explored touching themes while exposing his own hardships for the world to hear through the writing process of this entire album which, for the first time ever, he accomplished on his own.

Opening with their newest single, Double Cross, this track has the ability to easily and powerfully grasp the audience’s attention. With the fun pop-punk sound that leads the song and along with it, the entire album, it right away becomes quite evident that Senses Fail have made a strong comeback with their seventh full-length album.

The guitar riffs that accompany songs such as Elevator To The Gallows and Is It Gonna Be The Year, give the album some more of that pop-punk All Time Low-esque sound that once again falls right into the hands and hearts of former emo kids, who like me will probably take a trip in time back to those angst ridden teen years, when songs like these would allow us to woefully ponder and contemplate every type of challenge we were facing in the hopes of feeling better.

Shaking Hands is another song that touches on the recurring theme of morality that the album focuses on, and through more melodic sound, it successfully continues to take the audience on an emotional ride as it explores death through powerful lyrics that without a doubt will touch the heartstrings of any listener. Stay What You Are is yet another track focused on death and morality, as it is influenced by Buddy’s wife’s near-death experience and tells the story of her dying during childbirth. Named after a Saves The Day album, Buddy pays homage to the impact his wife has had in his life and the memory of a Saves The Day show they once attended together.

While death and mortality is a continuous motif that follows the album from beginning to end, there are other songs like Gold Jacket, Green Jacket… that touch on more mundane struggles, such as living in debt and the fear of violence in America that many millennials might currently relate to on a personal level.

“If There Is Light, It Will Find You” completely encompasses a collection of songs inspired by some of the hardest life experiences Buddy Nielsen has been through in the past few years, as well as touching on other topics that many listeners might be able to directly relate to. All in all, this album is a masterpiece of emotive content that has allowed Senses Fail to show vulnerability in a touching, yet incredibly beautiful light.

You can get “If There Is Light, It Will Find You” here.