From the far-off west and coming straight from the deep country comes Greystone Canyon and high-tailing it with them is their debut album “While The Wheels Still Turn”. Darren Cherry (Vocals / Guitars), Richard Vella (Guitars), Dave Poulter (Bass), Luke Wilson (Drums) have created an album that’s inspired by western rock, heavy metal and classic rock. Let’s see how they fared.

This album is full of hard-rocking guitar riffs, soulful acoustic guitar, catchy drumming and vocals that are every bit the classic metal you’d expect them to be; all of this is arranged in a way that’s satisfying to the ear. The only real criticisms to be given are that some of it feels a little repetitive and that in the first few songs the vocals seemed to be quieter than the instrumentals, resulting in them being kind of hard to hear. Other than those two very mild criticisms, they’ve done very well in making an enjoyable album, especially for their first.

The album has 6 full-length songs, and three short instrumental fillers. I’ll talk briefly about the short instrumentals before getting into the songs themselves.

Firstly, we’ve got Keeping Company With The Dead. It begins with a very pretty country rock style guitar riff that plays until vocals come in, which are eerie and lead into the first song.  Secondly, there’s Cinco Cuerda Bandito, which features thunder and rain, then a guitar riff that plays into the following song Take Us All.

Lastly is Sombrero Serenade and whilst having a fantastic song title, is simply just a little bit of pretty Spanish acoustic guitar.

Kicking it off with the full-length songs, we’ve got Astral Plane. It opens with an awesome guitar riff reminiscent of classic metal and hard rock and then transitions into a “spooky” guitar riff for the verse that’s catchy and gives a real hard metal vibe. Vocals in this song sound like they’re full of cool melodies and a unique vocal style. Unfortunately, they’re a little bit hard to hear and discern, as I stated earlier.

In These Shoes features some really nice ambient sounds like tapping drumsticks and western whistling over a guitar riff that builds up into a verse that hits hard. There’s shredding guitar riffs and a steady, jammy drum beat. There’s an awesome drum fill that leads into the guitar solo which is fast and satisfying.

Left off from the previous track Cinco Cuerda Bandito, Take Us All starts with a kick. The guitar riff continues as the vocals come in, which this time around are actually much more audible and therefore this song is far more enjoyable since the whole package is a bit more unified. The instrumentals are all hitting a solid 10. This song is easily the best on the album in my opinion.

Then we’ve got River of Fire, which opens powerfully with a slow and steady rhythm full of reverberating guitar, soft acoustic and a pulsating drum beat. Vocals really stand out in this song, the lyrics are powerful and the sentences string together over the whole song, building up more and more over its course. The melody is powerful and thoroughly enjoyable.

Path We Stray begins with a guitar riff that gives something of a foreboding vibe as well as a heavy drum beat. Heavy vocals carry the song through the verse into the chorus in which the instrumentals and the vocals coordinate greatly. Towards the end there’s a solo that goes between shredding guitar riffs and heavy guitar riffs; that ends the song fabulously.

We’re introduced to the song The Sun Sets with an acoustic riff into a very happy sounding electric riff, the emotion that the instrumentals are delivering matches the emotions of the vocals precisely. It’s a song about reflection, and we see that from the sustained guitar notes, the soft acoustic guitar and its “mysterious echoing” vibe. The song wraps up the album nicely. It also ends with a message singing “Farewell to you my Friend” which is a nice touch.

The rest of the songs all live up to the same quality, with their own quirks of course.

“While The Wheels Still Turn” is out on March 9. Pre-order the album here.