As a part of the inaugural Download Festival Melbourne exactly four weeks from now, Australia is getting the chance to see long time crossover thrash legends Suicidal Tendencies for the first time since 2012!

Speaking about the upcoming trip to Australia, original vocalist and last remaining founding member Mike Muir gave insight into a very interesting chain of events surrounding the opportunity:

“I got a bunch of emails from fans in Australia saying ‘you’re coming back; yeah mate!’ and I was pretty confused; they informed me that ‘we saw the flyer’. I asked them what flyer they were talking about and it came to light how someone had made a fake flyer for the Download Festival about a week before the real lineup was announced and it turns out that we were placed on it. I spoke to our agent and he told me that I had to tell people how it wasn’t real so I was sending out emails saying that ’we’re not on it, it’s a bummer’. It was actually good that the fake lineup was announced, as it got me to push it and fortunately it did happen; however that made things tricky as I told everybody that we weren’t coming and then I couldn’t tell people when I saw that’s what we were doing!”


Not only are Suicidal Tendencies coming to Australia for Download, they’re also performing three sideshows beforehand and two after! Muir explained how originally “there was talk about doing it with another band but that didn’t happen, because they weren’t able to do all the dates. That means we’re able to do our own thing and I’m definitely very happy about that! If we were only able to come down for the one show, I would have happily done that but I didn’t want to down there and not get to play other places. Plus everyone would have been messaging us asking why we weren’t playing more shows. Everyone has been very co-operative and all the promotors in Australia have been really helpful!”

Since their last visit to Australia, Suicidal Tendencies have been creating music at a regular pace; not only did they release ‘13’ in 2013 and ‘World Gone Mad’ in 2016, but they’re also releasing ‘Get Your Fight On’ (pre-order here!) on March 9th! When asked if Australian fans would be hearing much music from any of these three albums, Muir stated how “to be honest we haven’t worked on a set-list or anything like that; and probably won’t for quite a bit” before ending with a chuckle. He then pointed out how “these will be the first shows of the year for us and it always takes a bit of time; there’s a lot of records, a lot of music and a lot of choices! It’s one of those things where we’re fortunate to have more time thanks to the headline shows, so it means we can play more songs; even on the festival we’re fortunate to get an hour. The whole thing is if people aren’t exhausted by the time it’s all done, we’re doing something wrong; we’re coming full Suicidal!”

Muir took time to talk on a more personal level about the fan-base that the band has, very quickly pointing out that “we’re very fortunate to have a strong following; that means that a lot of people who haven’t seen us live are exposed to us thanks to people wearing the shirts and the hats” before giving a smaller insight about playing at festivals:

“Doing festivals are always a great situation, as we have so many people coming up to us saying how ‘we never really heard the band and never thought you were my thing; I saw the name and thought I’d check you guys out and you’re amazing!’ It really great to hear when people say that, because it’s wonderful to find out that a lot of people who thought they may dislike us end up liking us.”

Drawing an interview to a close, Muir was quick to point out how “we’re totally looking forward to it; we are so excited to get to come back and see old friends, as well as make a lot of new ones. The time can’t go fast enough and thank you for all the support, I really appreciate it; see you soon, Suicidal!”