What if Jack the Ripper had played in a band? A heavy metal band?

This is the question that formed and influenced WE SELL THE DEAD, this is the question that made the band.

Revolving around Niclas Engelin (In Flames, Engel), Drömriket’s Jonas Slättung, Gas Lipstick (former HIM) and the voice of Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars, Firewind), WE SELL THE DEAD go beyond the strains of conventional storytelling and create a multi-media experience of premium quality heavy metal music embedded in visually stimulating and atmospheric visuals.

The band comment on the video for Pale And Perfect

Niclas Engelins’ challenge when writing the music to “Pale and Perfect” was mostly the tempo and to keep it interesting through 5 min 22 sec, which was new to him as a songwriter.

I love how the brutal riffage in the beginning morphs into a clear melodic verse! Apollo is shining like the star he is and he makes the chorus big and epic, and then we have the pounding of Gas and Jonas who are the solid rocks on slow phased songs. Brilliant in my world!

Jonas Slättung explains: ”Lyrically, ‘Pale and Perfect’ is about a guy who refuses to accept that his beloved is gone. He looses touch with reality and decides to preserve her body and cares for it like a precious doll. Somehow he realises that something is missing, her soul is gone, but he can’t let go.”

To Dan Lind, the creator of the video, “Pale and Perfect” became something else.

”In a time when people sell themselves cheap, they sometimes attract evil deities. Three Horned Demons of a Dark Dimensiona open a portal to the mortal realm when it’s time to collect. Only someone who has refused to bow down to any God can destroy these evil beings. But who in this day and age can say they haven’t sold out and accepted a life on the knees?”

Heavy, yet melodic sounds transport the listener into a Victorian inspired world that is defined by pompous manors and daunting luxury standing in deep contrast to the harshness and cruelty of the gutter.
It is a world that reeks of hysteria, but above all a sense of mysticism and dark romanticism. WE SELL THE DEAD’s music rises above this, not merely pointing out this injustice, but expanding the narrative into the extreme, playing with themes of ghosts, death or religion.

But not only…

Despite a reference to Victorian times, We Sell The Dead maintains a very modern and ever-so-current approach that translates to the world we live in today.

Explains Jonas Slättung: “From the late 1800, an era that has inspired our band enormously, comes one of the greatest and darkest crime mysteries of them all: Jack the Ripper. We don’t know 100% who he was but we know his horrendous deeds. All the visuals we had in our mind, combined with the sometimes slightly morbid lyrics, made us think that this is what music would have sounded like if heavy metal had existed in the 19th century, or if Jack the Ripper had travelled forward in time to join a metal band. We Sell the Dead would have been his natural choice for a backing band. He probably would have felt right at home with us. But, at the same time, the world hasn’t exactly evolved into a beautiful place since the 1880’s.In the 1979 movie, ‘Time After Time’, Jack the Ripper escapes justice by, indeed, fleeing in a time machine to 1979. After getting caught by his followers, The Ripper utters this line of wisdom: – back in 1893, I was a monster. Today…I’m an amateur.


“Heaven Doesn’t Want You And Hell Is Full” is out now from earMUSIC and you can get it here!