Japanese Heavy Metal legends Loudness have once again displayed their blind determination and unchallenged fighting power on their brand new video for “Soul on Fire”.

It is an anthem that is celebrating the band’s unique identity – an anthem which does not merely describe their intention to rock the world but that, with its power and drive, simply does so.

“We’re gonna rock on”, it says, “gonna burn you up now, get your soul on fire.” And so they do.

Soul on Fire” is a testament to their fans, ensuring them that with a career spanning over three decades, Loudness have not lost the young burning passion which has earned them worldwide praise and two albums in the US charts. This intention is translating well through the moving images of the video. Viewers are presented with the setting of an empty basement parking garage, which is populated by the band. The gloomy atmosphere is being dispersed by flashing lights mellow colours which is explored by flowing camera angles and movement. In essence, it is a well-crafted video supporting a powerful song.

Rise To Glory is out now!