The Nations capital as yet again coughed up some quality metal. Five piece death metal beast Hostel have come slithering out of the political wastelands of Canberra to deliver their debut track Malevolent.

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Formed in early 2017 and previously known as Kitten Hurricane, the band released their debut EP, Fake Friends And Bitter Ends, which demonstrated their ability to deliver quality songs based around heavy grooves and solid riffs.
The addition of a second guitarist added much more beef to their sound and with that came a change in direction.
Taking their name from the Eli Roth and Tarantino horror movie about some fucked up shit that happened to some clueless back packers in Eastern Europe, Hostel more accurately reflects the bands music today than their previous moniker.

Dark, mysterious and eerie, Hostel’s sound sits with one foot in post black metal territory and the other in the savage riffage attack of death metal. Brutal rhythm guitars, rumbling bottom end, swathes of grand keyboards and etherial guitars all underpinned by a vocal delivery full of anguish and despair.


Hostel will launch Malevolent on Saturday, March 10 at The Basement, Canberra
with A Breach Of Silence, Drowning Atlantis, Maris King & Deathbeds

The band plan to release their debut album, also called Malevolent in May with a full tour to support.

Pre orders coming soon!