A slightly cooler night whisked its way across Brisbane CBD while people awaited the doors of the Tivoli to be opened for tonights gig; Primal Scream. Performing tracks from their memorable 30 year career, it was a sure thing that tonight was to be a smash hit!

Opening for tonight was Lime Cordiale who started out performing around Sydney’s northern beaches. With a smooth sound of guitar and bass mixed with the trumpet and keys, their on stage presence gelled and gathered the audience’s attention from the get go. Brothers Louis and Oli Leimbach who originally formed this group were the forefront of crowd interaction while they kept making sure the crowd was having a good time and if they were pumped for Primal Scream.

Rolling through their debut album ‘Permanent Vacation’  with hits like ‘Can I Be Your Lover’, ‘Giving Yourself Over’ and ‘Hanging Upside Down’, they gathered the attention of the crowd quickly and gave them life before Primal Scream came on.

Having a sound reminiscent of a mix between The Beatles, Jack Johnson and Arctic Monkeys, Lime Cordiale will continue to wow audiences while supporting more and more international acts, thus making a mark in the music industry.

With a long and illustrious career spanning 30 years, Primal Scream has made their mark throughout the music industry around the world. Now although the venue didn’t have the upstairs balcony open nor was the venue full, the crowd made sure they were heard.

Opening with their rendition of ‘Slip Inside This House’ (13th Floor Elevators cover) and ‘Jailbird’ Primal Scream grabbed the audience’s attention straight away. Through their space-like relaxing guitars and a groovy drum beat to go along with it, their soul was present on stage with the band.

With the crowd swaying from side to side and moving with the music the band played the soulful ‘(I’m Gonna) Cry Myself Blind’ much to the excitement of the audience within the Tivoli. Continuing with a set that included songs from throughout their thirty years as a band they closed up with ‘Country Girl’ and ‘Rocks.’

While it was evidently clear that Primal Scream were going to come back for an encore, the crowd gave the band the attention they wanted and a loud encore chant followed. Gracing the stage one more time in Brisbane, Primal Scream gave the crowd not 1, not 2, but three encores; ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have’, ‘Come Together’  and the most well known song to date ‘Movin’ On Up.’ The electricity in the room proved the age is just a number and after 30 years as a band Primal Scream showed no signs of slowing down at all.

Although the venue didn’t sell out, it had enough die hard punters in here to keep the performance special and intimate for both the band and their fans tonight. The music was a little different to what I usually enjoy watching but tonight was a fun show that anyone can enjoy, especially if they like a happy sounding alt-rock group from the UK.