Impassioned and forlorn with prevailing doom-invoking chords Towards Atlantis Lights’s album ‘Dust of Aeons’ lulls you into a dream-like state, feeling every ounce of heart-wrenching sorrow, sombre and serene.

A mighty half hour opening track may not be to everyone’s liking, but for all the Doom and Atmospheric Death Metal fans out there than can appreciate lengthy tracks, this is one for you. An album unto itself, The Bunker of Life offers so much to those willing to give it time. You need to be able to emerge yourself fully to appreciate the density of the immense structure. Alas, tracks over ten or fifteen minutes often lose my interest, thus I preferred this as background noise rather than the full immersive experience I suggest. It’s definitely great to relax to when you are busy working or even soothing to play through a flow of yoga.

Babylon’s Hanging Gardens is easily my favourite track with the heaviest death-doom vibe. Do yourself a favour and even if you can’t do the first half hour track, give this one a go at just over five minutes you can’t lose interest. The resonating deep striking chords pound through the song with brilliant cavernous vocals, contrasting with ambient noise and softer vocals.

Alexandria’s Library follows closely behind as a second favourite, with eloquently striking resonating low tuned guitars and rhythmic drumming.

The fourth, final and shortest track, Greeting Mausolus’ Tomb makes the perfect outro and ending to both the story and album. Spoken word vocals spit hate and contempt as the last song unfolds dramatically. Dark melodies bring the perfect conclusion to an intriguing tale and end the album even more emotively than it begun.

I am a fan of music with backstories, so this sparked my interest and led me to research the topics of the album; Alexander’s Library, the leading and most substantial of its time, which decayed and collapsed over time and eventually was burned in Ceasar’s civil war; The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World – although it is the only one without proof of existence and thus is considered a legend; Mausolus’ Tomb is another of the Seven Ancient Wonders, an enormous marble mausoleum constructed by architects and sculptors for the King. This Greek mythology and history runs through-out the album, bringing the stories to life, so might be one for fans of Greek mythology to check out.

Overall, ‘Dust of Aeons’ is a musical masterpiece that will only suit select tastes, but if you are one for the genre then I do highly recommend giving it a spin. This is Atmospheric Doom that penetrates the soul and carries you back in time to tell sorrowful stories of the past, leaving you haunted and intrigued.