“State Of Mind is great, Maverick have done a fantastic job here and will only get better as time goes on!”

Maverick are the five-piece grit punk group from Sydney, and ‘State Of Mind’ is their new six track EP. The current line up of the band is vocalist Marty Rowney, guitarists Jordan Perez and Jack Nisbet, bassist Corey Edwards, and drummer Mitch Links.

Chugging guitars open the first track on the album, titled Longevity. The guitars are soon joined my drums and aggressive vocals. Musically the track is a little repetitive, but there are a few guitar solos between verses that break the monotony. It’s for sure a high energy opener and pumps the listener up for what sounds like an interesting mix of tracks.

Track two is 10 Seconds, a slower track then the previous one, at least to start off with. The speed increases as the track progresses and you’re definitely going to be tapping along with it. When played live, this track would definitely have its audience pogoing and headbanging and the vocals are easier enough to pick up that the crowd would be able to sing along. It’s quite a different sounding track to Longevity but also has similarities.

Crimson King is track three and it starts off much slower with a mix of acoustic and slow electric guitar before the drums and bass come in to speed the whole song up. This track is the highlight of the album for me and is the most lyrically and musically impressive track. While it may start off slow, by the time the bridge rolls around the sound is big, loud and high energy. Crimson King is the kind of track that you could listen to over and over and probably not get sick of.

Next up we have the title track, State Of Mind. A track full of gang vocals and a killer bassline. Whilst the guitars have the spotlight in the first three tracks, this track has a really interesting bassline that underlines the guitars in some points, whilst soaring above it in others. The vocals in this track are also really impressive.

Second to last is Apologies, and it’s another really impressive track. Musically, it seems that by the fifth track, the band has really solidified what their sound is. Halfway through the track we’re treated to a breakdown of just drums and bass and they get their chance again to shine. The instruments and vocals work cohesively here and it makes for a really interesting take on modern punk music.

The final track on the EP is Resolve, and it opens with a really cool drum beat. This track is musically impressive within the first few bars and is vying with Crimson King on being the best song on the EP. It really seems as if Maverick have left the best until last with this track, and it required a second listen because I got so lost in rocking out to it the first time. A fast, heavy, loud track that perfectly rounds off what is a fun ride.

State Of Mind, the new EP from Maverick is out on March 16th and is available for pre-order HERE!