If the name Dizzy Reed doesn’t ring any bells instantly, maybe a small time band called Guns ‘N’ Roses will! Having been a part of the line-up since 1990, this means that most of the world would have experienced Reed’s brilliance on keyboard at some point in time. Whilst in his spare time, Reed likes to create music which has led to the creation of his debut album ‘Rock ‘N Roll Ain’t Easy’ now available today!

The first topic of the interview was about the excitement Reed had about the release of his debut solo album, as well as Reed also briefly touching on the upcoming FREE show at Frankie’s Pizza on Sunday:

“I’m very excited about that, as well as being super excited about the upcoming show! We’re going to play some new songs from the record, as well as some of our favourite cover songs; not to mention we’ll play some Guns N Roses tracks that not only have piano on them, but that I can actually sing as well. Basically we’re gonna celebrate our heads off, as it’s been a long time coming!”

Second single from the album I Celebrate was released to the public a couple of days ago, as a way to help tide the hungry masses over until the album dropped. When asked about how I Celebrate was chosen, Reed casually responded with “you know what; I just approved it” before letting out a chuckle. Reed then followed up with “the label came to me and said ‘what about this for the second single?’ My response was ‘sure, let’s do this’ and here we are. They made a great choice and I’m quite easy; maybe next time I’ll say no, just to see what happens!”

Golden Robot Records are the label behind the distribution ‘Rock N Roll Ain’t Easy’ and when asked about how they were chosen Reed briefly explains that “honestly, they chose me basically; I had shopped around and found a couple of offers I wasn’t pleased with. When I spoke to Mark, the ideas that he had and the interest he had in the project made me want to work with him” before giving a small history lesson about the creation of ‘Rock n Roll Ain’t Easy’:

“It took us a long time to make this record; at one point I was trying to find someone to mix the record and by chance I came across the perfect person through a mutual friend of ours. Then whilst looking for a record label, I was in Australia with Guns N Roses and Angry Anderson was playing with us; that’s how I met Mark, as Angry was on his label. Once we got in touch, I worked out that this was there I wanted to go; sometime things happen for a reason and it all just kind of fell into place.”

Whilst working on this album, there are a HUGE range of musicians from other well-known bands who have contributed to the album; W.A.S.P, No Doubt, Thin Lizzy and Queens of the Stone Age are just a few that loaned band members! When asked about how he was able to get such high profile guest appearances, Reed quipped that “a lot of those guys are just friends of mine, or we have mutual friends” before going into further detail:

“Co-producer Del James and myself sat down to discuss what we wanted to do when recording the album and we worked out that we didn’t want a band; we wanted to get people in and play alongside the album on us. We’ve been in Hollywood a long time and know a lot of people, so we got on the phones and started asking people. Pretty much everyone that we spoke to said yes; they liked the material, they liked the idea and we were fortunate enough to have them come down and contribute to the record.”

Taking some time to talk about any setbacks that arose during the recording process, Reed was quick to point out that “the hardest thing about doing something like this regardless of who you’re working with is getting that free time within scheduling; we were working in spare time so we just had to get into the studio when it was available. Of course we all have to go out to work; I was doing a tour with Guns N Roses and the other artists were doing their own stuff at the same time.

Those in Sydney are being fortunate to experience a free live show at Frankie’s Pizza this upcoming Sunday; when asked how the idea of the free show came about, Reed pointed out that “it was pretty much the brain child of Mark at Golden Robot; it just sounded like a good idea, so I said to get the word out, celebrate and have a good time.”

With Sydney getting to see Reed perform this upcoming Sunday, would there be a chance the rest of Australia will get to see Rock N Roll Ain’t Easy performed live before too long? Reed sadly pointed out that “unfortunately not at this stage, as time doesn’t permit; Guns N Roses is my number one priority, but when the schedule permits we’re definitely coming back here to take it to the rest of Australia!” before delivering a few last words to fans:

“I just want to say thank you to all the Rock N Roll fans for all the support with everything I’ve been involved in over the years, Guns N Roses especially; without you guys, there’s nothing!”