Mogwai fans all around Australia would have released an unified cry of disbelief last year, when the band came all the way to our shores just to play ONE show down in Tasmania. If you haven’t heard the good news though, Mogwai are making their way back to Australia for four shows next month!

Talking about the upcoming trip to Australia, guitarist Stuart Braithwaite eagerly expressed that “we’re really excited to be coming across, as it’s going to be a lot of fun; coming so far last year to play just the one show was a bit ridiculous. As much as we enjoyed getting to play in Tasmania for the first time, it would have been nicer to have been able to play a bit more whilst we are there.”

On the upcoming tour next month, Mogwai are playing two headline shows and two festival shows; when asked if there was a personal preference to playing either a headliner or a festival, Braithwaite pointed out ‘I like festivals because you get to see other bands as well, whereas I like headline shows because we get a soundcheck. To be honest, I am just happy that people want us to play!”

Taking time to talk about the recently released ‘Every Country’s Sun’, Braithwaite mentioned how “people seem really excited the record and it’s gonna be good coming over and playing songs off of it. We played them in Tasmania but that was a while before the record came out; it will be nice to just get to sing them to fans and have them singing them back.” Braithwaite then quipped how “we’ve been playing quite a lot of older songs on tour; there have been a lot of people excited about that as they’ve known our music from the start.” When probed if there were any long lost classics being played, Braithwaite points out that “we’ve definitely been playing a few songs that we haven’t been playing in years; it’s a nice trip down memory lane when we get up and play them, Mind you, that did take a bit of practice to relearn them” before ending with a small chuckle.

Braithwaite then took time to give a small insight into what fans can expect at the upcoming shows, mentioning how “we’ve got a pretty full on light show that we’re bringing around with us. Plus there’s that great mixture of old and new songs for fans from all the different eras of Mogwai to enjoy!” before pointing out how “I really love the title song from the album; that’s probably one of my highlights of the show! I also look forward to playing songs like Helicon One, as it’s a standout song from our back catalogue that has been a lot of fun to play!”

Drawing the interview to a close, Braithwaite didn’t have many last words for Australian fans before they visit next month; but when “I just hope that everyone is good and that we can’t wait to come and play some loud music at you!” is the final message, you don’t need to say much more!


Friday 2nd March – Chevron Gardens, Perth Festival

Sunday 4th March – Enmore Theatre, Sydney (All Ages)

Thursday 8th March – Forum Melbourne

Saturday 10th March – Golden Plains, Mededith