Calling all fans of New Japan Pro Wrestling; you would already know that Australia will be experiencing New Japan Fallout all too long! The good news is that if you haven’t been paying attention to the calendar, it kicks off this Friday in Adelaide, before rolling into Melbourne, Sydney and Perth on consecutive nights.

Talking about the upcoming debut trip to Australia for NJPW, Juice Robinson exclaimed that “it’s the first time I’ve ever been to Australia!” He then expressed how “just speaking for myself, it’s always been a country that I’ve wanted to go to; mostly for a vacation though” before ending with a chuckle. Talking about the upcoming trip to Australia, Robinson quipped that “I never expected to wrestle there, although it’s something I had never thought about! When I started to look into New Japan, I didn’t really think that New Japan went to Australia; now we’re getting bigger and bigger and getting out there.” Robinson finished by saying “it’s just going to be so cool because Australia has a dependency and a love for pro wrestling. For everyone in Australia that does love pro wrestling, the only reason they don’t already love New Japan Pro Wrestling is because they don’t know about it!”

Taking some time to describe what to expect to see during his matches, Robinson delivered an in-depth insight in a very casual way:

 “Let me just say that whilst I may have started as just a lazy American pro wrestler, I’m starting to adapt the harder hitting Japanese style as time progresses; so prepare yourself for a bit of American-Japanese hybrid action. No matter where I’m at and the size of the show; be it Wrestle Kingdom or a small house show, I go all out and give it everything I got! Most importantly I have fun doing it and I hope the crowd can pick up on that.”

Taking some time to talk about life outside of the squared circle, Robinson states that “I enjoy getting to spend time around my family and people that I love; if it means going to a concert or a baseball game to get to do that, then I’m going to a concert or baseball game” before allowing his team colours to fly:

“I was able to watch the Chicago Cubs win the World Series a couple of years ago as someone was streaming it through Facebook live; it was huge to get to watch it! It’s impossible for me to watch every single regular season game, but thankfully I get to see the last few good games in the playoffs. I’ve also been to a couple of Japanese games; one of which was a Tokyo Giants game and much like the pro wrestling, the fans showed so much respect and are just a little different to how we do it in America. It’s just as cool, if not more; they really love their baseball here, just like they love their pro wrestling.”

Robinson then took some time to delve further into his other love which is music; when asked if he gets the down time to see many concerts in either Japan or America, Robinson points out that “I’ve never been to a concert in Japan” before discussing how he gets his taste of live music whilst in Japan:

“I go to The Cavern Club; not the one in Liverpool although I have been there as well (laughs) They have a Cavern Club in Sapporo, where they have an all-Japanese cover band where they play The Beatles all night long. I go there every time I’m in Sapporo, sometimes two or three days in a row; just sitting there, drinking a beer or two and listening to The Beatles!”

Before the interview concluded, Robinson shared these parting words before the tour kicks off on Friday:

“I just want everyone to know how excited we are to come and visit these four cities; this is a big deal for us and we’re not going to half-arsing around! It will be insanely hard hitting at a fast pace and you’re going to get to see the offense they love in Japan.”