The cosmos aligned for fans of metal front runners Avenged Sevenfold Friday night at the US Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The recent snowstorm in the area, didn’t stop diehard fans from packing the already sold out show at the arena! Fans braved the bitter cold to be in attendance of one of the biggest metal shows to hit this area. And Avenged Sevenfold delivered a solid show!

Projection screens illuminated the arena with an impressive display of the galaxy, the infamous Death Bat, and at one point, an enormous Astronaut that arose from the back of the stage. Contrary to previous Avenged Sevenfold shows, there was no pyro. Nothing that went boom to blow you back a few feet, and singe the hair on your body. The Stage tour is a bit more laid back then what fans have grown accustomed to in years past. Yet, Avenged Sevenfold still managed to excite, and pump up the audience with a spectacular show! With the five full overhead screens, showing a number of impressive graphics and video, the lack of pyro wasn’t missed!

February 9th marked what would  have been the late, great A7X drummer, Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan’s 37th birthday. The band memoralized him in a gut wrenching video montage of Jimmy giving one of his last interview’s along with video clips of his life with the band. Vocalist Matt Shadows announced The Rev’s birthday to concert goers and followed it with their tribute song to Jimmy, So Far Away.

Avenged Sevenfold performed all of the expected songs, with a few suprises as well. From early tracks from their popular albums Waking The Fallen, and City of Evil, to songs such as The Stage, God Damn, and Exist from their most recent album release, The Stage. They also included their cover of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here. And what seemed to be the most anticipated song that fans were anxiously waiting for, Bat Country. The band did three encore songs, Critical Acclaim, Unholy Confessions, and A Little Piece Of Heaven.

Opening, supportive bands were Bullet For My Valentine and Breaking Benjamin. Both put on a hell of a show! BFMV started the night off with their mega hit You’re Betrayal and ended their set with Waking The Demon. Breaking Benjamin did relatively the same with opening with their first hit song, So Cold. And ended their set with their latest release The Diary Of Jane.

Excellent show from all three bands of The Stage World Tour! If you are thinking about going to one of their shows on this tour, do it! It will be well worth it!