Grunge music emerged during the mid-1980s in Seattle, Washington, gaining popularity in the early 1990 having emerged in other parts of the United States, and into Australia. By the late 1990s, Grunge bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden brought socially conscious issues into pop culture, influencing listeners to make a stand, dare to be different, and explore what it means to be true to one’s own self. Since 2013, Melbourne, Australia’s Grasshole has carried over the tradition with their fusion of elements of Grunge, rock, and punk creating a rhythmic, hard-hitting sound familiar to US college radio stations. The three-piece alternative fuzz rockers continue to make a name for themselves, since their self-titled EP and sophomore follow-up, ‘The Unification Proclamation.’

Releasing on February 23 2018, ‘Fuzz of Flavour’ is Grasshole’s debut full-length album complete with 13 diverse tracks. Singles include Fragile, loaded with stirring riffs, swift beats, stimulating bass harmonized by emphatic vocals; Van Inhalin’, forged with distorted riffs and layered beats accompanied by dynamic vocals; and Grasshole’s newest single Hash? Tag Me In.

The Reckoning opens with the rich overtone of a guitar gradually intensifying into distinctive riffs, resonating bass, and pulsating beats. Expressive lyrics like, “You know I’d like to run and hide from my shadow, a life disguised, so ripped off,” give the impression of a man’s haunted past and trying to escape from what he’s become.

Tinderella is hard-hitting with the counterbalance between dominant and subdued melodies. Composed of swift momentum, a groovy bass sound intensified by exhilarating riffs, and fierce drumming, refined vocals make Tinderella a well-rounded track. In Too Deep is the melancholy introspection of falling for someone quickly, pushing the limits of the relationship, and losing them in the process. The catchy lyrics, “I might be in too deep, but I miss you like crazy. I toss and turn in my sleep, how I miss you like crazy,” the mid-tempo beats, tuneful riffs, and harmonious bass fill the song with relative emotion.

Jump the Line is the dreary reprise that flows at the end of the album’s closing track, The Green Dream. The repetition of “Here today and gone tomorrow, hey man we’re gone tomorrow, here today and gone tomorrow,” fills the song with humbling remorse. With lingering riffs, steady beats, a mellow bass, and soft-spoken vocals, the song’s tone resembles the slow and painful end to one’s life.

Grasshole is compromised of Karis Hawkins on guitar and vocals, Rick Hawkins on drums and harmonies, and Fredrik Svensson on bass and back-up vocals. The band delivers a solid full-length debut with ‘Fuzz of Flavour,’ making an affirmative statement and further defining the genre of Grunge music, opening the eyes of those blinded by what they see on TV, read through the newspaper, and experience in everyday life. Giving a voice to the voiceless, encouraging listeners to break away from the social norm, and stand out among the crowd. Grasshole also delivers another hard-hitting onslaught of pent-up aggression and honest emotion backed by invigorating guitar riffs, pulsating drum beats, melodious bass, and commanding vocals fans around the world have been eager to hear. ‘Fuzz of Flavour’ is set for release on February 23 2018 with pre-orders beginning on January 31 2018. The band has also announced an 11-date Australian “Fuzz Of Flavour” album tour, kicking off February 7 2018 in Wollongong, NSW.


Grasshole - Fuzz of Flavour