Hailing from the Czech Republic, Between The Planets is a three-piece outfit looking at changing the way you look at prog metal one track at a time. Their latest album, “Of Inner Sight” is definitely one you have to experience; an audio-visual trip that’ll have you mesmerized from beginning to end. The album is pure instrumental, no vocals to be seen (or in this case, heard) – this allows for a different kind of musical journey, one which majority of you will not want to return from.

Between The Planets are comprised of band members Martin “Spacosh” Perina (music/production/recording/programming), Filip Kittnar (drums), and Adam Palma (bass).

‘Inner Voice’ opens up the album with instrumental brilliance; setting up not only the tone of which the album will continue to display throughout, but also creating the glass ceiling for which the following tracks can obliterate. The soft build up gradually transitioning to the smooth deliverance we are given is nothing short of amazing. This is followed with ‘The Avalanches’, aptly named for the wave of instrumentals that comes crushing down on you throughout. More ‘tame’ in delivery than its predecessor, ‘The Avalanches’ uses ambiance in such a clever way that you will find yourself trapped within the musical notes.

The opening of ‘Engrams’ is somewhat heavier than the first two tracks, as well as their electronic sound being a lot more predominant, further adding more layers to which have already been established. Their depth is absolutely incredible! Returning to the more sombre approach to opening a track, similar to what we saw with ‘The Avalanches’, ‘Through the Canyon’ continues the spiritual ride seamlessly. Like the awakening of a sleeping giant, the heaviness of the bands abilities come in and transcend the performance even further. Who’d have thought listening to an album presented in this way would be as soothing as it is beautiful?

Some may question its position on the album however ‘Timelessness’ is somewhat transitional; grounding the performances we’ve bared witness to thus far, whilst steadily preparing us for what is to follow. This is further demonstrated when ‘Inside’ comes to fruition, and in my opinion is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) performances of the album. It’s the setup that ‘Timelessness’ creates that allows ‘Inside’ to be as dominant as it is. Absolutely brilliant!

‘Along the Horizon’ is as ambitious in delivery as it is masterful, combining perfectly with electronic ambiance that carries some tones that are somewhat Dream Theater-esque (and as a Dream Theater fan, this is a welcomed sound). Heavier tones come back into the fold within ‘Gravitational Collapse’, somewhat ironic given the track’s title.

‘Energy of Wishes’ is where Between The Planets rounds out the album. Four minutes of all out instrumental, with everything on the line and nothing left in the tank come its completion. This is what the heart of metal is all about; it’s not about the vocals (although we’ve seen some of the greatest wordsmiths in history step out from this genre), but the MUSIC – the culmination of instrumental sound coming together and making something great, and what Between The Planets have done is brilliant!

When it comes down to it, this is going to fall into either one of two categories; it’s either going to be disliked by those out there who believe a song needs to implement vocals to be appreciated, but the vast majority will fall in love with the experience put before them. This is undeniable proof that instrumentals alone can take you on such a vivid journey. Would vocals have worked alongside it? Maybe. Am I glad they excluded them? Absolutely! This is a journey I urge everyone to take once, but have a bag packed heavily because some of you might not want to return!


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