Overdrive had the chance to check out the debut album ‘Chapters’ from Newcastle boys Lycanthrope before its release on the 16th of February 2018. If you are interested what we thought? keep on reading.

The band was founded back in July 201, the six-piece consists of Daniel Greig – Vocals, Aidan Lee – Guitar, Brett Scott – Guitar, Scotty Wright – Guitar, Matthew Stoja – Bass, Jason Salvini – Drums. They so far have an EP under their belts called ‘Revival’ and are making a name for themselves in the Australian music community.

The debut album consists of ten songs, this does not disappoint. From start to finish it is in your face, full of powerful riffs, hard-hitting beats, great vocal performance and you can’t deny those breakdowns.

The guys have released the title track Chapters as their first single. You can check out the lyric video here.

Throughout the album, there is this lyrical content that is full of positivity and emotionally-rich. Not in a painful preach way, but gets the message across. We feel it has that same narrative as say a Killswitch Engage album does.

The stand out songs would be track two- ‘Skin & Bones’, I don’t want to give too much away, one to look out for. Track four- ‘Chapters’, this song was a great choice for the first single. It is powerful and sets the tone for the whole album. There are so much that stands out but I will mention one more and that is ‘Follow My NameDaniel Greig’s clean vocals on this track are amazing. This is the only track that is mellow on the whole album and sits almost to the middle. For those of you who are no clean vocals do not skip this track and adds so much texture to the album. You will not be disappointed.

One thing that was a con on this whole thing was the start of the very last track. This was a little too off from the rest of the album, it does kick into a great song at 23 seconds though.

To round up, this is a great album. The guys did an amazing job putting this together. You will not sit still when the album starts, it will hook you in so be prepared. If you have not heard of Lycanthrope before? Go check them out. Their links will be below. The debut album ‘Chapters’ drops on the 16th of February.





Get your hands on Chapters HERE!