Noise music is definitely not the type for anyone to immediately feel enthused about. But when someone does grasp the concept behind the dissonance produced by the composers themselves, they can eventually grow fond of the production and its sonic fingerprint. With Headlopper being a newer addition to the genre, they’ve come with an arsenal of influences from grindcore to avant-garde, powerviolence, math, improv and many experimental components under the album’s moniker “Vol II”.

The trio consisting of all members going on vocals, Shane Van Den Akker and Josh Cuss take turns in assembling the chaotic concoction through their FX boards while David Seedsman executes his part on the drums. Throughout the tumultuous, yet galvanising experience, Headlopper create a myriad of spastic tyranny through their jaw-breaking vocal proficiency and their hysterically frantic FX within thirteen tracks. The timing between said songs go from nine seconds to almost three minutes, with Blue Cat Blues being the longest and Be Still being the shortest of the lot.


From Make It Stop onwards, Headlopper display a strong and abrasive persona that channels a lot of John Zorn/Mike Patton-esque vibes, diversifying with the likes of Full of Hell, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Melt-Banana, The Chariot and even Fantomas. Within the sequence of tunes such as We End At The Name, Buzzfux and Blue Cat Blues, Headlopper showcase a bit of shrieking, squealing and very low tuned spoken word, while amplifying their screaming and growling throughout the process. While it’s very digital-based, when I say “Vol II” doesn’t feel ‘human’, I’m talking about the aura that’s projected within the sound. The recording process feels human within itself, but “Vol II” feels it’s equivalent to that of a spirit that has been dementedly tortured for centuries, and this is the final form of itself.

At the same time, David’s mixing along with the help of Henry Barrett’s mastering helps manufacture a darker and caustic sensation to the atmosphere of “Vol II”. The corrosive tension in the record comes as gritty, disgusting, unsettling and goddamn powerful in so many ways, which is what makes it stand out so well. While the inharmonious ingredients play the biggest role of the album, Headlopper’s composure is exhibited in a maniacal presence that brings the climate of “Vol II” to a pulsating level of potency and delirium.

Like I said, noise isn’t something that will ever be easy to get into. But as someone that has been rather fond of it for a few years now, this is one that will leave your head spinning until you collapse. Nothing is sane or secured the moment you press play, but you sure as hell will wanna let yourself be victimised by what Headlopper have incarnated in this schizophrenic piece of art. Bottom line; Headlopper sound like nothing more than an intoxicating threat that will have you coming back for more extremity within the genre of noise music.

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