For those who haven’t had the chance to see Iron Maiden perform on our shores before, you are getting the next best thing this May/June; all female tribute band The Iron Maidens are making their way down to Australia for the first ever time!

When asked about the excitement levels for the upcoming trip, frontwoman Kirsten ‘Bruce ChickinsonRosenberg expressed that “I’d say on a scale of 1-10, it would be about 89! We are so excited; this is beyond a dream come true as it’s on our bucket list and we never thought that it could happen!” Rosenberg then gave a small insight into when the band first received news about the tour, as she points out how “I think it was whilst we were on tour in Europe, so I’m going to say sometime in November; I think that we would have burst from excitement if we had to wait much longer.”

Being a tribute band to someone like Iron Maiden comes with a problem that most people might not think about; picking songs out of such a huge catalogue of classic hits! When asked if fan requests help shape a set-list, Rosenberg points out that “we always take that into consideration as we like to hear what people want us to play” before giving a further insight:

“As you said, the Maiden catalogue is so huge that how do you whittle it down to one set? Inevitably there will be something that you don’t play that someone wanted to hear; it just speaks volumes of how much great music Iron Maiden has created, otherwise we’d playing for like 10 hours straight! Iron Maiden have really long songs, so in a 90 minute set we only get about 15 songs.”

Rosenberg had a good chuckle when she was asked if there would be any long lost Maiden songs that would make an appearance; as she playfully pointed out “absolutely, but I’m not going to tell you which ones; it’s for your sake though, because if I told you I would have to kill you. All you need to know is that we always have some deep cut and gems in our set-list.”

Even though Rosenberg was thrown a little bit of a curve ball when she was asked if she had a favourite album to sing, she was very diplomatic whilst pointing out that “there’s no way that I can pick just one but I think I can narrow it down to three; ‘Seventh Son of a Seventh Son’, ‘Powerslave’ and ‘Brave New World’ for songs that are the most fun for me to sing. Mind you, that was tough as you made me pick three albums but It’s not like I don’t love the rest; how can you not enjoy ‘Piece of Mind’, ‘Number of the Beast’ or ‘Dance of Death’! Honestly, I think more people should get into Dance of Death more than they already have!” Rosenberg then pointed out the reason she chose them is because “they have my favourite vocal melodies on them. I love Paul Di’Anno and all the earlier stuff but I have more of a natural affinity to Bruce Dickenson’s soaring notes and epic vocal lines on those albums. At the end of the day, they’re just really fun to sing” before concluding with a chuckle.

Delving into what fans can expect to see when The Iron Maidens perform, Rosenberg mentioned how “they’re going to experience the fans favourites, as well as the deep album cuts for those die-hard fans. We also travel with our own Eddie called Edwina, as well as other characters from Iron Maiden’s live shows; Iron Maiden are very theatrical, so we try to capture that as much as we can on our slightly scaled down stage show. The one thing we can’t forget though is the campiness; Iron Maiden is very campy and not only is it fantastic, but it’s a lot of fun! We have smiles on our faces whilst we get sweaty and rock hard; your neck is going to hurt the next day.”

When asked if The Iron Maidens get to spend some time sightseeing Australia whilst visiting for the first time, Rosenberg unfortunately mentions “That is the great tragedy of all of our touring as we’ve been all over the world but seen very little of it; we’ve seen a lot of airports, hotels and music venues! We always try to fit in some sightseeing whenever there is any down time, no matter how tired we are; in this case there isn’t really any down time as we’re travelling so much in between shows. We are hoping to get to spend a couple of days after the tour ends, just to experience the incredible and beautiful phenomenon that is Australia!

Keeping it nice and short, Rosenberg’s last words for Australian fans will definitely get you excited for the upcoming shows:

“I’d have to say SCREAM FOR ME AUSTRALIA, as well as UP THE IRONS!”