Lord Of Pagathorn are a three piece black metal band from Finland. Founded in 1992, they mainly stayed in the underground scene until the release of their first full length album, Nekros Philia, in 2012.

Consisting of Corpselord on guitar and vocals, Hellwind on drums and vocals, and Sedit on bass, the band have now released their second full length album ‘Daimono Philia’. The album consists of an intro and eight new songs, and deals with themes such as evil itself, revenge, and the crush of the Holy Trinity.

The album opens with Intro: Nietzscherion which is a symphonic style instrumental with overplayed by acoustic guitars. Short and sweet, it gives no indication of the black metal aural assault to come.

We are immediately launched into the next track Evil To Destroy Evil with no more pre-amble. A dark yet slightly melodic track, Corpselords vocals truely stand out. Screaming yet clear, he matches the pace and tone of the music well.

Ghosts Among Us has a similar sound but with a faster pace. The guitar so far is quite layered, sounding quite intricate despite only being one guitar. So far the songs have a lighter , melodic tone to them whilst still being truely black metal.

Prayer Of Desecration goes deeper with more of a dirge sound. The pace picks up and the whole song goes faster and heavier. Its a nice change of pace that really shows what the band can do. The vocals keep pace and once again steal the spotlight. This song has an almost old school sound to it, which makes since considering how long the band has been around.

This newer sound continues on in the next track, Rise Of The Celestial Scythe. The drums stand out on this track with a heavier intricate playing style. The pace o this track is slower but the song is still hard, and inspires headbanging. The chorus has a real melodic, almost symphonic sound but the other instruments really get heavy. This song has different sections, the whole piece going together well. Towards the end there is a bit that would definitely inspire an audience to ‘stomp and clap’, and the vocals take on a chant aspect as they sing ‘Ave Satan Ave Lucifer’. This track is the standout track of the album and the one that would be most interesting to hear live.

Builders Of The Higher Places Changes up the pace and it is welcome. This song goes har and fast and is the most traditional black metal song on the album. The vocals really scream and the guitars soar. The guitar changes sound but never loses pace. This track is another highlight and one for the older black metal fans.

Next up we have The Spirit Of Perversion. This continues in the same vein but there is a darker tone through the song, almost goth in a way. The band continue to mix traditional black metal sound with more polished, melodic sounds. There is nothing lo-fi about this album.

We lose some of that melodic tone in the next track, Spiritual Spiral Stairs. This song is more thrashy, more driven and hard. While the whole album definitely has a ‘sound’, each track sets itself apart with something different. In this track, we hear a deeper guitar and drum sound that expands beyond the standard black metal sound.

This leaves us with the grande finale. The end track Throne Of Lucifer starts with latin prayer intoned over the sound of a bell. The music starts and it is a slow symphonic dirge that could almost e the soundtrack to a horror movie. There is an orchestral, operatic song that could be a voice or a keyboard. There is a definite doom element to this song. The higher pitched, screamed vocals stand out but still work. The whole track is quite spooky and ambient, unlike anything else on the album. Its a refreshing change and a great way to finish this solid effort.