Since forming in 2010, The Plot In You have made themselves known around the world; not only have they travelled the world and opened pits up, they are awaiting the release of their fourth album ‘Dispose’ via Fearless Records AND getting ready to come to Australia once more in support of Polaris in April!

Before getting into conversation about the upcoming release of ‘Dispose’ and the upcoming trip to Australia, the first topic of discussion was about the recent cover of Let It Go by James Bay for Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7; frontman Landon Tewers started by pointing out that “it was really cool; I actually started a cover of the song a couple of months before they asked us to do it because I just like the song!” before going into further detail about when the conversation took place:

“When they came to us and asked if we wanted to be a part of it, we were slightly hesitant at first before I mentioned how ‘I have one started’ and asked ‘would it be cool if we were to use that?’ We bought that back to life, went ahead and finished it and it turned out cool! It’s never something that I felt we would end up doing, as I’ve never been a big fan of heavy bands covering older songs or pop songs; this is one of the only songs that I will put my name on and am proud of.”

With the upcoming release of ‘Dispose’, this interviewer wanted to know how long the band have been sitting on the finished product; Tewers pointed out that “it has been close to a year now and it really sucks as I hate sitting on music for that long! It’s definitely a bummer but we had a lot of things to get in line before we put it out; we wanted to make sure the roll out was smooth and that everything was exactly how we wanted it to be. Unfortunately these things take time and even though it definitely sucked, I think everything has come together the best it could have so it was definitely worth the wait! Once it comes out, we’ll be glad that we took the extra time.”

Touching on how excited The Plot In Me will be to have February 16th finally arrive, Tewers pointed out that “we are very ecstatic” before going into further detail about how he has gone about handling the long wait:

“I have forced myself not to listen to the record very much, as it’s very easy to play it so much when you get out of the studio that you end up hating it. I made sure this time around not to do that and be patient until the record comes out to delve back into the songs again. Yesterday we did a video shoot for 13 hours straight and I had to listen to the same song close to a thousand times; had I listened to it much before that, I probably would have never listened to the song again!” before concluding with “it will probably become my tradition to not listen to an album after we get out of the studio; at least for a couple of months to give it time to breathe.”

When asked whether he could elaborate on what music video The Plot In You were shooting, Tewers mentioned that “we did I Always Wanted To Leave yesterday and then we’re actually doing another music video for Disposable Fix tomorrow. They should be out sometime next month; actually I think one of them might be out within a week or two” before ending with “I should probably know these things, right?” and a wry chuckle.

The Plot In You have changed record labels for the release of ‘Dispose’, moving from Stay Sick Recordings to Fearless Records. Tewers pointed out that “we had only signed to Stay Sick for one record, but we did have the option to stay or go afterwards” before going into further depth about the reason behind the move:

“We did our one record with them and everything was fine! It wasn’t a bad relationship or anything like that, we just started exploring other options and Fearless had shown a lot of interest in us; they had the same vision for the band that we had and we thought that it sounded like a great opportunity. I’m really glad that we did, as everything has been going very smoothly and better than we could have expected; it was a nice easy transition and there was no hard feelings between us and our old record label.”

As mentioned in the intro, The Plot In Me are traveling to Australia to support Polaris on their upcoming ‘Mortal Coil’ album tour. When Tewers was asked about how this came to be, he first responded with “to be honest, I’m not entirely sure” before going into greater depth about the chain of events that took place:

”I just remember a couple of months ago one of our managers came up to us and said ‘this band from Australia called Polaris are interested in bringing you guys over, would you be interested in that?’ I’ve responded with how I don’t really know much about the band as I’ve never listened to them, so I started to listen to all their singles and jamming out to them. Once I realised that they are a band who are also trying to be innovative by testing new things to do something new for the scene, I thought that it definitely made sense and could be really cool! It took a couple of months to get everything solidified, but I’m really excited to see them live as I think they’re cool and have heard amazing things about them.”

When asked which of the two singles from ‘Dispose’ have received the best response from fans so far, Tewers expressed that “I think that Feel Nothing has definitely been received the best as it’s the easiest for people to connect to and relate to. Mind you, I’m really excited to see what people will think of the next two, as they’re pretty weird and out there!” before delivering his final words to Australian fans:

“Make me some kangaroo burgers, steaks, hot dogs; essentially anything you can make out of kangaroo, bring it to me and I will eat it in front of you!”