Next up is the new release from Cane Hill. These guys are a Nu-metal band hailing from New Orleans. The band was formed in 2013 and have two other releases under their belts with ‘self-titled’ EP, and ‘Smile’ released in consecutive years 2015-16.

The band is made up of Elijah Witt (Vocals), James Barnett (Guitar), Ryan Henriquez (Bass), and Devin Clark (Drums). The guys released ‘Too Far Gone under Rise Records on the 18 January 2018.

OVERDRIVE Music Magazine had a chance to check it out. The album consists of ten songs all have a different story to tell and the guys know how to lay it down. It all starts off with the title track Too Far Gone, this is a classic nu-metal track, with layers and hooks that will reel in any fan. You can see the crowd at their shows punching their fits into the sky screaming out the lyrics.

The second track ‘Lord of Flies’ Look it is not a bad track at all if you put aside that it sounds like they just mashed Korn and Alice in chains together. Cane Hills vocalist Elijah Witt goes from sounding like Jonathan Davis in the verse of the song to jumping into Layne Staley ish for the chorus. People seem to like it on their YouTube video and that is totally cool. It is not going to please everyone. Check it out for yourself.

Moving on to track five ‘Why?’ Elijah once again changes up the vocal style showing off his falsetto. The song is very commercial and would get them spreading their fan base.

The album is percussion-soaked, they like to hit you with a ray of different sounds and textures. It will appeal to a lot of people.

The album has a very 1990’s nu-metal mixed with some metalcore elements. I can see that some people are going to love this and there are going to be ones that really don’t. Being a southern-based band was hoping to catch more of that southern vibe but there are no real elements at all. Not saying they need to but They have a song called ‘Singing in the swamp’ which has no swamp feel to it at all, it is a street at best.

To wrap it up, the album jumps all over the place like a toddler on caffeine. It was said at the start that each song has a story and they tell it well, which is true, sadly it feels like it was trying to find its way, and in turn lost its cohesive collective.

Get your hands on Too Far Gone HERE!