After previously giving a smaller insight into what Band Aidz is and what its main purpose is (read it here), it was time to take a step deeper and see just what being a “crowd-surfer” entailed.

Once you have created your profile, your first casting of eyes on the home screen shows a very nice simple but effective design. There are 8 different options to choose from: ‘Nearby Artist’, ‘Favorites’, ‘Tune Bank’, ‘Matched’, ‘Gigs’, ‘Profile’, ‘Push Messages’ and ‘Notifications’.

‘Nearby Artist’ searches for gigs that have been added to Band Aidz within your musical preference/distance chosen at setup, ‘Favorites’ allows you to easily locate profiles of not only artists, but also other Band Aidz users you want to view later. ‘Tune Bank’ is where you are able to access your preferred tunes and rock out at the time of your choosing, whilst ‘Matched’ is the place that you can view all the Band Aidz users that you have connected with over the time. ‘Gigs’ is a calendar where you can not only view the upcoming gigs that you are going to, but also add in gigs that you haven’t found on Band Aidz!

‘Profile’, ‘Push Messages’ and ‘Notifications’ are where you handle the back end of your Band Aidz usage; if you want to alter your preferred music genre, distance to search for gigs over or update your picture, you go to ‘Profile’. Both ‘Push Messages’ and ‘Notifications’ are there to let you know if anything or anyone of interest to you has either posted something new, or tried to contact you.

Last but not least, the Menu button is tucked away in the top left corner; nicely out of the way as it’s something you’re going to be rarely using. Overall, Band Aidz is very nicely set up; the user interface isn’t too overbearing or confusing, as it still makes sure that everything is easily viewable on a mobile device.

The app rates a very solid 82/100! There are a few small things that this reviewer personally thought could have been improved; the only way to know what you think about this app is to download it and see for yourself.