Ok, Full disclosure here, I’m a massive Audrey Horne fan. I was put on to these guys over 10 years ago by a few mates who were going on about this Norwegian Super group made up of members of a number of Norwegian extreme metal bands (Enslaved and Gorgoroth). Being a fan of the genre I had to check them out, and to my surprise, they sound NOTHING like the afore mentioned bands. Rather Audrey Horne are a band that combine all the best parts of classic metal and stadium rock (bit different to chasing satan and hailing Viking gods).

Blackout” is album number 6 for Audrey Horne and I have to say, they just keep getting better, honestly, I have no idea why they hell they aren’t massive (yea ok, they have won some Norwegian Grammy’s but that’s pretty much the limit of what anyone seems to know about them, even in their home country).

Like previous recordings Audrey Horne specialise in big catchy choruses, massive sing-alongs, big riffs and great times. Blackout continues the path they started down on album #4 (Youngblood) with a more classic rock feel.

Album opener “This is War” starts with an amazing guitar harmony reminiscent of Iron Maiden and charges head long from there, by the time they reach the chorus they are traveling at full throttle. This is all the best parts of metal and classic rock all rolled into one.

Audrevision” sounds like Turbonegro finely got their grubby mitts on the Hives and had their way with them …. This song would be the offspring.

The title track is (at the moment) my favourite track on the album, starting with a real 70s vibe and it just gets better from there (yea a little cheesy but, I’m a fan of cheese).

“This One” has a really boogie rock feel, not too far removed from bands like Thin Lizzy. It’s a somewhat more laid back number without the urgency of some of the earlier tracks.

Midnight man”, “Naysayer” and “Light your way” are both brilliant driving rock songs, these are the kind of songs you need on a mix tape barrelling down the highway in a V8 …. The Hamond organ solo in “Light your way” is a really cool touch.

California” (how many bloody songs are written about California??, oh well ) this is probably one of the weaker songs on the album, it’s still a solid track but just makes the energy of the album dip a little for me.

Satellite” has a great stomp along feel to it, there are even a few slight hints of disco hidden in there somewhere, (under layers of metal guitar harmonies).

Finally “The End” is a big slow burner of a song (they have a knack for producing dramatic songs that build to a crushing crescendo, see “bright lights” from the “Le Fol” album.

In all this is a stellar album for anyone who has an affinity for catchy big rock with touches of metal. Audrey Horne knows exactly where they have come from but are not worried about progressing as a band. I really hope that they start to get some real recognition as they absolutely deserve it.