Party kings The Bennies are back again with another thumping album aptly titled Natural Born Chillers, one of the first releases from new label Pool House Records ran by their mates from The Smith Street Band.

If you know anything about the Bennies you know they are all about the anthems, and this album opens with a massive party tune ‘Get High like an Angel,’  it’s about wanting aliens to take you away from this planet, typical Bennies fare.

The energy levels are relentless throughout the album, it is impossible to sit still while listening to this record, which is ironic because most of the songs are about sitting around getting stoned.

On the track ‘Apathetic Revolution’ The Bennies get decidedly political. It’s all about  protesters being idealistic but still being apathetic, but this is because they are lost and unsure of the answers. For a band that doesn’t usually write political songs it’s quite poignant.

‘Trip Report’ is a hilarious song about anecdotes from different band members. The first verse is about bumping into a mate with a sick dog and contemplating the relationship between people and their pets and wondering if dogs feel empathy.

The Bennies are one of the hardest working bands in the country, if they aren’t on tour they are recording new material. Their hard work is reflected in this latest release. The latest single ‘Dreamkillers’ is everything you would expect from a Bennies single, with a killer chorus that makes you want to smash things and hug everyone in the room simultaneously.

As I’ve written this review I’ve already listened to the album four times and I’m still loving it. To me that’s a great sign of an album’s longevity.

‘Destination Unknown’ is all about not knowing where your career might take you, about just taking the journey and seeing where you end up, party as hard as you can like tomorrow will be the last day ever.

The title track ‘Natural Born Chillers’ is about false perceptions, people thinking you’re not taking life seriously, but at heart it’s about being free from life’s constraints. Just because The Bennies’ songs are all about partying and smoking weed doesn’t mean they don’t take their music seriously. It takes a lot of effort to stay that positive and be that engaged with your audience, when The Bennies play live it’s like one giant hug. It’s a rare thing for an entire crowd to be that unified and be in the singular collective moment.

The last track on the album ‘Very Shit Carpet’ is all about have that brain crave of sitting home late at night by yourself and you have an insatiable taste in your mouth and your brain to get stoned. The song goes for 57 seconds, and it’s a perfect way to end the album. It encapsulates pretty much everything the Bennies are about, getting stoned and partying hard.

Summer is the perfect time to release this album because when these songs get played on the radio and at festivals the crowds are going to lose their collective shit.

Just buy this album your head and heart will thank you later.


The Bennies - Natural Born Chillers