Trivium – Ascendancy (2005)

Over nearly the past 15 years, modern metalcore heavyweights, Trivium have released a host of albums that contain a variety of stylistic shifts and changes throughout their extensive discography. However, it is the bands sophomore effort, ‘Ascendancy’, which propelled the band from up-and-coming stars in the metal underground to unparalleled giants within the melodic metalcore scene that defined the mid 2000’s. ‘Ascendancy’ is an album filled to its teeth with outstanding song structures, blistering twin guitar solos heard on songs such as the title track and A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation, frantic and thrash-laden riffage along with the dual vocal approach utilised by many of Trivium’s contemporaries at the time of its release. Tracks such as Pull Harder on The Strings of Your Martyr and Drowned and Torn Asunder, highlights Trivium’s ability to write riffs that are heavy enough to be considered mosh-worthy whilst still retaining a coherent and memorable sense of melodic structure. In comparison, tracks such as Dying in Your Arms displayed Trivium’s skill in crafting accessible yet unforgettable and emotionally-charged lead guitar parts and vocal melodies. Overall, ‘Ascendancy’ is an album that has stood the test of time and still retains its technical character until the current day.

Bullet for My Valentine – The Poison (2005)

‘The Poison’, debut studio album by Welsh metalcore behemoths, Bullet for My Valentine is a classic album that contains all of the hallmarks of the mid 2000’s melodic metalcore sound and helped push the band from local legends to international stardom. ‘The Poison’ is an album that despite its decidedly cheesy, clichéd aesthetic and lyrical themes of angst and melodrama is a well-written, remarkable and highly influential release that left a considerable footprint in the world of Metal during the time it was released. Combining mid-paced grooves, emotive dual vocal approaches, NWOBHM-inspired twin guitar harmonies and thrash-paced sensibilities, ‘The Poison’ is a release that stands apart from the band’s further discography which sought to gradually move towards a more mainstream, alt-rock direction with each subsequent release. Tracks such as Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow, 4 Words to Choke Upon and Spit You Out demonstrate the bands ability to create aggressive, bombastic song structures that contain more than their fair share of heavy riffage and memorable melodic moments whereas tracks such as All These Things I Hate and Tears Don’t Fall highlight the band’s abilities in writing striking, emotional ballads. Overall, ‘The Poison’ remains as a highly influential album during the peak of the melodic metalcore scene of the mid 2000’s.

Killswitch Engage – As Daylight Dies (2006)

Killswitch Engage’s fourth studio album, ‘As Daylight Dies’ is a modern metal classic that retains all of the traditional metal influence of their earlier material whilst providing its audience with a unique, at times progressive approach to a melodic metalcore sound that became oversaturated during the time of its release. Featuring the remarkable song writing talents of lead guitarist, Adam D. paired with the smooth yet stirring vocal delivery of front man Howard Jones, ‘As Daylight Dies’ was an album that cemented Killswitch Engage as one of the largest and most highly-acclaimed metal bands of the 2000’s. Throughout the albums 43 minute run time, ‘As Daylight Dies’, features melancholic, clean guitar interludes, blistering leads, odd-time signatures, soaring choruses and mid-paced grooves that lace this album from its opening seconds until its final closing minutes. Songs such as My Curse, This Is Absolution and The Arms of Sorrow are masterful demonstrations of Killswitch Engage’s ability to combine moments of sheer ferocity reminiscent of acts such as Pantera or Hatebreed with moments of heartfelt mourning and acoustic sensibilities. ‘As Daylight Dies’ is without a doubt one of the most impactful releases for melodic metalcore during the mid-2000’s.