Set to release on the 26th of January, 2018, Ammunition brings us a self-titled album which presents some of their finest work. Ammunition, a band formed in 2014 by singer Age Sten Nilson and multi-instrumentalist Erik Mortensson, is a glam and melodic rock band which consists of members from WET, Wigwam, Eclipse, and a few others. The six members have successfully put together a collection of eleven songs that really highlight their song writing abilities. The album features great works such as Wrecking Crew which has brought the band much success in the past year since its unofficial release back in 2017. This new album will display a variety of songs that add to the already incredible live act known as Ammunition.

Just by listening to the first track entitled Time, Jon Pettersen and Erik Martensson introduce us to a beautiful collaboration of guitars which creates a powerful vibe to the album. This along with the clear strength of the lead vocals by Age Sten Nilsen, brings us into a world of melodic rock different from other bands of glam. Later in the album, we see tracks such as Eye For An Eye and Miss Summer Time which are a true asset to this album and feature interesting hooks from the drums. These songs, I feel are truly diverse to the feel of the album. It is interesting to see the diversity in the emotion and unique sound of each individual track of the list. I was easily hooked on a lot of the more mellow songs I heard.

When listening to “Ammunition”, I really became interested in the band through their instrumentation. The bass line seemed to blend nicely with the drums as well as the multiple guitar tracks. If I had to say anything however to improve about the album, I would say that the lyrics seemed a bit repetitive as far as context. The power is great, just a bit overdone in the lyrics. Besides that, I found no faults with “Ammunition” and I really enjoyed hearing each individual song. It really creates a lot of excitement for the release and it will be great to hear the entire album performed live.

With multiple melodic guitar tracks, inviting drum fills, and excellent vocal harmonies to back up the powerful lead voice, “Ammunition” brings us a diverse collection of songs that are sure to meet the interests of a variety of audience members. This release will speak to several different audiences because of its range and pure excellence. It has songs that make you really want to get up and rock, as well as songs that can help you feel relaxed. Some of the lyrics are sweet and rather pleasant while the majority of them speak of destruction and power. This will really be a plus for the band’s live shows. I believe they will see a lot of success and approval from their fans of their self-titled album. It is something to be proud of in the near future, as well as in the long run.

“Ammunition” will be available January 26!