In the world of heavy metal live shows, the open air festival holds a special place. Typically a gathering of hordes of metal fans from all genres there to drink, head-bang, and take in a roster of dozens of bands that are often considered to be some of the best in their field. The festivals of Europe and England have taken on an almost mythical status inspiring legions of fans to trek from around the globe to attend. One of the most anticipated festivals of the year is England’s infamous Bloodstock festival.  Started in 2001 and held annually in Derbyshire, it started out as an indoor festival. In 2005 it evolved into an outdoor festival after repeatedly selling out at capacity. That first outdoor festival was held on one stage, and was headlined by Sebastian Bach and Children of Bodom over two days.   The festival has exploded in popularity over the years and is now held over three days with three stages. Bloodstock has hosted hundreds of bands including some of the worlds most famous and talented metal musicians. The event is eagerly anticipated by many metal fans around the world with concert goers often planning their next trip to Bloodstock the day after their previous one. The event has such a reputation for booking an amazing line up of bands that tickets often sell quickly before the full line up is announced, as festival goers don’t want to risk missing out.

But why should you go to Bloodstock? Why this festival in particular? There are many reasons why Bloodstock needs to be on your bucket list but in the following paragraphs we at Overdrive shall give you the top reasons why you should make the trek to this eponymous gathering. The first reason is the reason why we metal fans go to anything at all. The music. Even as Bloodstock has evolved the beating heart at its center has always been the music. The festival prides itself on bringing to fans killer line ups of excellent musicians every year. From world famous headlining acts we all dream of seeing to new up and coming acts looking to find new fans, there truly is something for every metal fan. The line up has consistently been seen as one of the best in the festival circuit for many years.  Three days of being immersed in amazing metal performances that you will always remember. Metal heaven!

Another reason is the experience. Three days living and breathing metal with fellow fans. It is a guarantee you will have made a host of new friends and memories by the end. With most staying on festival grounds in tents many make bonds that last a lifetime around campfires. The organizers also provide DJ’s that play tunes after the bands have finished, along with market stalls, food and the all important alcohol. The entire three days will be a complete experience you will never forget with fellow fans from around the globe.

Need more reasons?  Bloodstock’s solid reputation. Many festivals have been plagued with controversies and cancellations but Bloodstock has a stellar reputation. The festival is expertly organised and professionally run to ensure concert goers get their monies worth in music and good memories. When fans are often buying a ticket a year in advance and travelling around the world to be there, this reputation  has helped elevate the festival above others. They ensure even the smallest detail is taken care of so all you, the fan, has to worry about is a good time.

Yet another reason to ensure you make it to this years Bloodstock is its history. In particular the stand out moments that have happened that have made each year unique. Missing out could mean missing something very special indeed. Bloodstock have often managed to book bands that rarely play so you may get to see a band you would not get to see elsewhere. Not to mention with so many bands in the one space who know each other, you never know what artist may join a band in stage for a spontaneous collaboration you will ever see again. Mix this in with rare set lists and one off stage show additions, your Bloodstock experience will be unlike one you can get at any other festival. Miss out on this festival and who knows what you will miss out on.

But why should you go this year, I hear you ask?  Why is 2018 not to be missed? Well remember how all of this started about the music? I have one thing to say to you: Line-up. The bands that have been announced so far for this years festival are do-not-miss-this level of amazing. Where to begin! Judas Priest, EmperorGojira, Nightwish, Mr Big, Fozzy, Suicidal Tendancies, Wednesday 13, Doro and Watain. Did I mention utter legends and founding fathers of thrash Judas Priest? Yes I did but a band of that calibre needs to be mentioned again. 7 other amazing well known bands have also been announced, and more announcements are due over the next couple of days. Those of us who follow these festivals know they always save something good for later announcements. So that is three days at one of the worlds most solid and successful festivals watching legends of the metal world playing amazing shows of a level you may never see again whilst you meet and party with fellow headbangers from around the world? This is why Bloodstock 2018 is THE epic festival not to be missed. Memories, Mayhem, and Memories. What more could you ask for?

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