Stalwarts of the Goth scene, The Creptter Children return with their long-awaited follow-up to 2009’s full-length Possessed, and it’s an absolute banger. The new EP Asleep with your Devil only runs for about 15 minutes, but it’s a glorious quarter of an hour. While it’s been a long time between releases, The Creptter Children have remained active live, and fans of the band will recognise a few of the new recordings from the live set.

First up is current single ‘Watching You,’ which was first released as a powerful music video and has been doing the rounds of The Creptter Children’s live shows. The track belts into an immediately heavy opening, with Iballa’s vocals soaring over the top. In fact, this track is heavier than anything on Possessed. Iballa immediately becomes more aggressive in a style similar to Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale, while the music becomes a fusion of seductive Gothic and intense Death Metal, with the occasional intrusion of Industrial electronic beats. With its Gothic and Industrial elements rounding out the Metal, this track is akin to something from The Queen of the Damned on steroids, and carries the same haunting and vampiric flavour. A formidable musical force, Iballa also provides guitars alongside N8oR, and the pair bring more intricate solos than ever before.

‘Crazy’ is filled with more of the Gothic drama long-time fans of Iballa’s song writing will be familiar with, particularly as it more strongly showcases her emotive vocals. Iballa brings amazing raw power as well as emotion, and her harmonies with her own and N8oR’s guitars highlight how beautifully they work together as a creative unit. This song is also arguably the strongest showcase of the range of Iballa’s talents, as she shreds through her blistering closing solo, a fitting complement to N8oR’s deft virtuosity earlier in the track. ‘Crazy’ is another live set mainstay with good reason, and has translated exquisitely well to the recording.

‘Asleep with your Devil’ is a brutal track that highlights N8oR’s skill in painstakingly programming every drumbeat. No mean feat with the blast beats that fill this track! Iballa’s guitars magnificently match the frenetic pace of the drums in her solo that stands out from the cinematic feel of ‘Asleep with your Devil’ that is reminiscent of Cradle of Filth. ‘It’s a Game’ is something of a contrast with its lilting creepiness. The music is lighter in a sense with a stronger focus on the Industrial side of the band, with an overall feeling similar to the heavier works of The Birthday Massacre.

The EP closes with ‘Killer,’ which infuses the urgency of horror Metal of the likes of Terror Universal, or perhaps even Gothminister. Along with the dark and intense music, Iballa brings harsher vocals to the mix. ‘Killer’ rounds out a rapid but powerful experience that absolutely leaves the listener wanting more.