The Gold Coast is gearing up for a hell of a 2018, and their very own bastard sons of power groove, The Black Swamp have returned with a new vocalist, a new EP, and a more defined edge. The new ep ‘Witches’ unleashes all kinds of power groove, unheard since the days of Rollerball and the mighty Motormoth. It’s funny how the Gold Coast just keeps pumping these gems of bands out in cycles, while the public is subjected more roots and blues than one can choke on at an all you can buffet, where the que never ends. The point is, the GC needs bands like this to create balance, and boy are these guys bringing it. The promise delivered on this ep did not surprise, but more confirmed what this band is capable of. Since their inception, which feels like only yesterday at a Battle of the Bands, they won on a sunny Gold Coast beach, these guys have toured and maintained an active presence, whilst consistently preaching the gospel of power groove. Welcome to their new EP ‘Witches.’

The Black Swamp is comprised of band members Luke Hosking (vocals), Jesse Kenny (guitar), Grant Scott (secondary guitar), Rohan Downs (bass), and Brendan Woodley (drums).

Opening with “Headless”, you know straight away these guys have honed their craft and the new vibe is apparent from the get go, with a merciless romp of bass driven groove, powered by riffs to get your attention and new vocalist Hosking (Azreal) showing he is more than ready for this. It’s like he was the missing link in this sound, and this track just lavishes treats of groove and head banging, and this is just the opening track!

Event Horizon”, continues the onslaught, and the band is right in the saddle, bringing an exciting roar that shakes the foundations and celebrates all things Sabbath and Down with their own twist and groove that is really exciting to digest on listening. The addition of an instrumental like “1487 CE”, is a bold move, but serves as somewhat of calm before the storm, that is the EP finale, “Witches”, that brings the house right down. Did the instrumental need to be here? I’ll leave that with you to decide. These guys have nailed the formula on this ep and the quality of musicianship, complimented by the power of Hosking’s vocals brings this release full circle to a most crushing end that will leave you potentially salivating for more.

What’s sad is that we’re treated to only 4 tracks.  The band have their reasons, and I am certain, that this will truly propel the Swamp to a good place in the scene, that needs a good kick up the ass right now, with a dirty, beer soaked boot, that only a band like The Black Swamp can provide. This is an exciting time for a band who have worked hard to find their niche and ‘Witches’ could well be the catalyst to launch a very exciting next chapter in their promising career.

Pre-orders will soon be available via The Black Swamp’s Bandcamp site, HERE!