OVERDRIVE Music Magazine had the opportunity to check out and review Toronto rockers The Divided Line’s upcoming release Paramnesia. The Album is set to be officially released on CD and Bandcamp on the 23 of February 2018, the guys are not currently signed to a label and are releasing the album as an independent. This is no easy feat by any means. They recorded the album at Phase One Studios – Toronto and had Mike Langford & Dajaun Martineau Produce. They have come through with an album that we feel many people will truly enjoy.    

The band is made up of Greg Cave – Vocals, Blair Ryan Barton – Guitars, Reza Shaffaf – Bass, Luke Scott – Drums. Barton started writing music in 2009 and quickly joined forces with long-time friend Shaffaf. They say that “their musical synergy was evident from the moment they began writing together.” They were soon joined by Cave and Scott to complete the line-up. They have been writing and playing shows, making a name for themselves in and around their hometown of Toronto Canada.

From the band’s namesake, they “draw on Plato’s concept of the divided line, which describes the visible world of things and objects perceived versus the understanding we have of them, The Divided Line blends elements of prog with radio-friendly hooks while exploring unconventional song structure. The result is a melodic, hard-hitting sound with grooves and lyrics you won’t forget.”

“Paramnesia- a distortion of memory in which fact and fantasy are confused.”

You can certainly hear a common element carried through the whole album. Every song has an interesting tale to tell, harmonizing the album together.

Paramnesia contains six tracks that are heavily influenced by Tool, I can also hear some strong presence of bands like Disturbed, and The Butterfly Effect’s later stuff, although these bands are not on their list of influences, it comes across pretty intensely to my ears. The Album starts with Breathe, this song is a strong kick off to the soundscape that they have created for the narrative. There is strong storytelling throughout the whole album, that Cave belts out with passion. Sync-wave is the last song on the album and is the stand out of the six. The texture of this song is just right. There is no denying that these guys are very good at what they do and the Mastering by Peter Letros is amazing.

Although this is not something I would normally gravitate towards, I look at everything with an open mind and I can say without any doubt that if you are a fan of bands like Disturbed, and The Butterfly Effect with touches of Tool then this album Paramnesia and the band behind it will be something you should definitely check out.

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They also have a video of their song Phylliidea, which is the third song off Paramnesia. Check it out here.