After making their big break in 1997 with their debut album Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$, Limp Bizkit have been one of those bands that you either love or despise; there isn’t really a middle ground. Quite a few people will be unimpressed with the addition of Limp Bizkit to the inaugural Download Melbourne line-up, whereas others like this writer are more than excited to see them grace our shores once again!


Fred Durst – Lead Vocals
Sam Rivers – Bass/Backing Vocals
Wes Borland –Guitar/Backing Vocals
John Otto – Drums/Percussion

Limp Bizkit have released five studio albums in their twenty year career and there are talks of yet another album in the works; mind you, don’t get too excited as some people are labelling the follow-up album to Gold Cobra as “the Chinese Democracy of nu-metal”. Instead of holding our breath waiting for Stampede of the Disco Elephants to be released, let’s take a look at the gifts that Limp Bizkit has already delivered the world: starting with their debut album that launched Limp Bizkit into the nu-metal/rap-metal scene, Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$ bought us such singles as ‘Counterfeit’, ‘Sour’ and the mind blowing cover of ‘Faith’ originally performed by George Michael. Significant Other was released in 1999 and it delivered such earworms to ring in the new millennium such as ‘Nookie’ and ‘Break Stuff’. ‘Break Stuff’ is the anthem that every frustrated person needed to hear, with lyrics describing the internal hatred towards the world you feel when you’re in such a dark and foul mood; most definitely the warning that those who are oblivious needed to be shown!

The following year Limp Bizkit released Chocolate Starfish and Hot-Dog Flavored Water; this album is the one that most people would argue catapulted Limp Bizkit into the stars! Singles from this album include ‘Take a Look Around’ which featured on the Mission: Impossible 2 soundtrack, ‘Rollin’’ which was broadcast to millions of people around the world as the Undertaker used it for his entrance theme for a period during his American Badass persona and ‘My Way’ to name a few. 2003’s Results May Vary is the only studio album to have been released without Borland, as he took a small hiatus from the band for personal reasons. Results May Vary was a change of pace for Limp Bizkit, as they leaned away from the predominant hip-hop/heavy metal sound they were known for; this is most evident in their cover of ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ by The Who. The last studio album that Limp Bizkit has released to date is Gold Cobra, which was released after eight years in 2011; the hiatus between Results May Vary and Gold Cobra did give birth to a greatest hits album, but nothing beats the release of a new album. Not only does Gold Cobra contain singles ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Gold Cobra’ and the re-appearance of Borland on guitar, it also contains a spoken intro in which the one and only Gene Simmons from KISS lends his voice for!