Music fans all around the world know the name Sepultura; unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since the mid-80s, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in America, Australia, England, Germany or anywhere in between…you can almost bet your bottom dollar that you’ve been treated to a live show over the years.

Earlier this year Sepultura released Machine Messiah via Nuclear Blast to great reviews worldwide. Since then, Sepultura have been on a non-stop journey of destruction around the world and next May Australia gets their long awaited turn; not only that, but Californian thrash metal icons Death Angel are the very special guests! Overdrive got the opportunity to speak to long time guitarist Andreas Kisser about the upcoming visit, the rollercoaster that Machine Messiah has taken Sepultura on so far and what else is to be expected.

When asked about the excitement levels within the Sepultura camp, Kisser couldn’t contain his as he expressed that “we’re very excited to get to come back as we love Australia! We love that part of the world; we have great memories of some great tours and great shows” before talking about the journey that Machine Messiah has taken Sepultura on before coming down under:

“The album came out in January and we kicked off touring the world by supporting Kreator in Europe, before heading over to the United States to support Testament. We also did Rock In Rio before doing multiple festivals in Europe before heading back to Brazil; not only did we do a lot of shows there, but we also spent time going around South America! It feels great now to be going to different parts of the world next year to continue the worldwide tour for Machine Messiah.”

Touching further on the juggernaut that is Machine Messiah, this interviewer was curious as to not only which song(s) Kisser was most excited to perform for Australian fans, but also how much influence on the set-list it has; Kisser gave a very in-depth and thought out response:

“We’re going to be focusing our set-list very much on the Machine Messiah album; it’s the first time since Chaos A.D that we’ve actually focused on playing so many new songs on a tour! I think our intention for Machine Messiah was to do an album that fans pick up and listen to it from start to finish; we actually wrote the album thinking about the vinyl. We put a good amount of time working out what song should open the album, what song should close Side A, what type of song should open Side B; it helped us put very strong characteristics on each song! The songs are all different from each other, but together they make a unit. So getting back to your question, we’re going to play about six or seven songs off the new album; of course that means we have plenty of room to play some of the old classics, as we play songs from the entire history of Sepultura, whilst still focusing on the newer album. Like when we play the instrumental piece ‘Iceberg Dances’, where I’m sitting down on stage with an acoustic guitar; that’s a first for us! It’s working great and is a huge challenge for us to put this album out on the road, but it’s helping us grow as musicians and as a band whilst we’re having a lot of fun on stage.”

As mentioned earlier, Sepultura are bringing out special guests Death Angel to warm up the crowds; Kisser gave this interviewer an insight into the history that the two bands share and how this tour came to happen:

“The two of us together is a great package! We’ve done a tour together with Death Angel before, plus they’re great friends of ours; not to forget the fact that we’re on the same label together. We’re always looking for possibilities to bring strong packages wherever we go and we are so grateful that Death Angel was available; it came down to conversations between the band managers and the record label. As I said, it isn’t the first time that we’ve toured together, but it is the first time that we’ve toured Australia together. This is going to make for a great tour as we’re great friends who admire each other’s music! They’ve got a recent album that’s only a little bit older than Machine Messiah; I also made a guest appearance on lead guitar for the last Death Angel album, so we might end up jamming together. Let’s just see what happens!”

This interviewer made reference to the fact that Sepultura are only on Australian shores for six nights and how they are performing five shows, before asking Kisser if Sepultura were coming to Australia “to cause destruction country wide, like a massive storm”. Kisser let out a huge laugh, before informing this interviewer that “I like that; yes, yes we are!” before elaborating further:

“It’s just the way we do things though; traveling to Australia from Brazil is quite a long journey, so we want to make the best of our time and just play as much as we can. It’s great that we’re going back to Perth, as last time in Australia we didn’t have the chance to go there due to it being a shorter tour; this time we’re doing the five shows in Australia and it feels like much more of a complete tour. The hardest part is the constant traveling and the driving, but it’s part of our job and we love what we do; we’ll be prepared both mentally and physically to make sure that we really enjoy the tour, so make sure you bring your A-Game!”, concluding his answer with yet another laugh.

Before Sepultura make their way down to Australia, they are making a stop in Europe to perform with Obscura, Goatwhore and Fit For An Autopsy in February/March 2018. This interviewer touched briefly on this tour, before asking what else 2018 held for Kisser and the rest of the Sepultura brothers; Kisser explained how “we’re doing the first headline tour in Europe for Machine Messiah. Like I mentioned before, we did the Kreator tour last Feb/March, so around the same time in 2018 we’re gonna do our own tour with the three bands that you mentioned; it’s a great package and I can’t wait. We’re going to Australia and New Zealand and then we have a lot of festivals book towards the end of the European summer, including Wacken and Brutal Assault! Then we’re doing a huge run of shows in Brazil; there were a lot of places we didn’t get to go this year, so we have to go back and cross them off.”