Bringing some diversity to the inaugural Australian Download Festival will be Alternative RnB act Chase Atlantic. They’ll proudly represent the Australia itself and bring their uniquely orchestrated style of music to the big stage. This will not be one to miss for fans of Hip-Hop, RnB and indie rock.

Who are Chase Atlantic?

Mitchell Cave – Vocals
Clinton Cave – Guitar
Christian Anthony – Guitar

After releasing a number of EPs since forming in 2014, the band have finally dropped their first full length (self-titled) album this year and are rapidly garnering a larger and larger fan base as time goes on and more people discover their tracks through their massive online presence. The young Brisbane trio have massive potential within their genre and will surely be one to keep an eye on

The band has two main sides to their sound. The party sound which is lighthearted and males you want to do just that. With lyrics that reflect this the band are sure to get people bouncing in the download mosh. The other side of their sound however is not afraid to get dark and moody both in terms of harmony and lyrical themes. They use a healthy blend of authentic and digital instrumentation to achieve this.

It’s highly likely that the band will be performing a set heavily flavoured by their debut album, so if you’re a fan of what you hear there, you’re in luck! For fans that have been with the boys from the beginning, we’re sure some tracks from the earlier Eps will make an appearance as well.



You can catch Arch Enemy at Melbourne’s iconic Flemington Racecourse on March 24th as part of the inaugural Australian edition of Download Festival. Get your tickets HERE!