Wollongong metal band WALK WITH KINGS releases debut single “A Conscience Is A Curse” and 2 follow up tracks “Into The Night” and “Inside Your Mind”.

Their debut track will be accompanied by a video which will be available to view on the bands Facebook page and YouTube channel. Walk with Kings is Vocalist Aaron Murphy, Rhythm guitarist Lee Sergeant, Lead guitarist Nick Whiting and Bassist Paul Ross (currently looking for a replacement Drummer).

These guys pride themselves on creating a style of metal that fits no sub-genre category, “we play what feels good” says lead guitarist Nick. As such you’ll find a variety of influences in their music from Black Sabbath to BMTH and everything in between. It’s taken around 2 years for the band to find the right combination of personalities as well as the sound that comes from such a broad range of influences, these 3 tracks are a perfect reflection of what the band set out to achieve with their sound, 3 very distinctly different songs yet somehow connected.

Walk with Kings are releasing these tracks in the lead up to the Christmas break and will be hitting the rehearsal space in the new year in preparation for a number of shows they plan to set up in 2018.

The 3 tracks will be available to purchase and stream on all the usual platforms so do yourself a favor and check these guys out, you won’t regret it! Find Walk with Kings here: